Blue SemiConductor: The Patented World’s most accurate temperature sensor

It was in the initial days of 2015, when Sunil Kumar Maddikatla had begun his career as a research scholar, when he identified that IoT, Wearable and Biomedical applications are soon going to be the future of India and as audience, we had to be ready to accept the upcoming technology. That was his ‘Eureka’ moment and he started working on bottlenecks in electronics that may be faced by IoT and other similar industries. After deliberate literature survey, he identified that the sensor part and battery are the key for an IoT that interacts with the external world. His idea was to be the key providers of the sensors that bridges the path between outside worlds to digital world.

That’s what gave birth to his startup – Blue SemiConductors – “The pioneers in the pursuit of ZERO”. ZERO here accounts to:

  • Zero Size
  • Zero Power
  • Zero Cost
  • 100% Accuracy

The Initial product is the patented world’s most accurate temperature sensor (99.996% accuracy) that works at a military range temperatures and occupies an invisible (nearly ZERO) area. Interestingly, they are working towards making the sensor generate its own power. You read it right! The team is aiming at buidling electronic sensors that will need no external power (ZERO power) and comes at a cost of a chocolate (nearly ZERO).


Sunil kumar is the pioneer of this amazing startup being built on technology. Apart from building a world class startup, he is also successful in having an expert team of 12 members that includes the most valuable directors and advisors who are having a relative industrial experience of more than 12 years. The best part? They all are tech geeks, creative and love their work! Each one of them at Blue Semiconductors share the common dream of designing the products that supports that cause of building better and smarter world with zero electrical energy wastage.

The founder understands that the world is running through a wave of IoT and Biomedical devices and also is well aware of the highest impact factor in any IoT or biomedical device is its size, accuracy, power and cost. Keeping this in mind, the team of Blue Semiconductors aim to develop SoC IPs for IoT applications and license out to leading IoT companies in the market.

In future, they aim to move to

  • Bio sensors that can sense the body nutrients and Metabolism rate
  • Energy harvesters that help the electronic circuits generate their own power
  • Pressure Sensors for Automobiles air pressure monitoring
  • Ambient Light sensors that senses the environmental light and adjust the brightness of lights at home
  • Nitrogen sensors as a part of AgriTech

Currently they are bootstrapped. Recently they have partnered with a billion dollar company that share a similar dream and are working at it across the globe. By March, they are going to be pitch ready and will showcase their initial prototype.

They are looking for strategic partners or investors that are in the similar domain that not only support them financially but also incorporate and walk the same path along with the team of Blue Semiconductors.

Team – you guys have done an amazing job! Because of people and startups like Blue SemiConductors, people believe and look forward for upcoming technology. All the very best for all future endeavors.