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We have all been in situations where we’re travelling for a couple of hours and need a hotel to stay without having to pay for the entire day’s rent. So what do we do? Well, I personally look at relatively cheaper places to stay like Youth Hostels or kill my time at the airport/coffee shops reading a book or playing video games. All this just because I don’t want to shell out on hotels.. I’m sure this happens to all of us.

Now, our prayers have been heard and we finally have a solution for this. That’s right, all applause to ‘enytime,’ a Hyderabad based micro-stay platform which let’s you book hotel rooms, anywhere from a couple of hours to an entire day with a flexible pay-per-use system.


I’m listening…

With the leading on-demand platforms like cab services, ticket booking & food ordering apps becoming more people friendly and breaking the chain of monopolised prices, Sekhar Sandhu with his friends Vinod and Kishore Balakrishnan decided to tap the underutilized resources in the hospitality industry. The trio having seven years of domain experience in the hospitality sector decided to spent sometime researching on the demand and supply ratio and found out that majority of the travelers spent their time at airports or coffee houses due the lack of a reliable platform to book for a short day.

We are in the disrupt-generation and the urge for constant innovation is changing our lifestyles. One such area was the hotel industry where app based brands like hotelsbyday, DayStay and enytime are offering a seamless service wherein you can book your hotel room for the hours you need. This concept of providing rooms on hourly basis is known as micro-stay. The term ‘micro-stay’ goes way back during the 2008 economic downturn in Europe where it received its due cult and spread across the US and later in the South-East Asia.

Book hotels ‘enytime’

With their real-time mobile app which caters to both, the guest and hotels, you can book rooms in the blocks of 6, 12 & 24 hour period with your desired check-in time. “Looking at this, it’s a win-win situation for both the hotel and the travelers, one might stay for a couple of hours and leave and the hoteliers can rent one room, twice a day,” says Sekhar Sandhu CEO of enytime. But why 6, 12 & 24 hours? It’s simple, during the day between check-ins there’s often a six to twelve hours gap where hotel rooms go unoccupied, this can be monetised through micro-stays and it’s a great boon for transit travelers as they do not have to bear any hassle.

The Founders (from left): Kishore Balakrishna, Sekhar Sandhu & Vinod

The Founders (from left):
Kishore Balakrishna, Sekhar Sandhu & Vinod

The platform avails travelers to choose from a wide range to hotels from 5 star, 4 star and selective 3 star pertaining to their needs. Talking to the team I understood that the Indian hotel sector is growing rapidly and an increasing number of operators are using the concept of micro-stay to meet the needs of modern travelers while maximising occupancy and monetising on vacant rooms. “We are not following the usual model that has been around for a while but we’re exposing the other side of the hotel industry that has remained untapped and we are offering this at the fraction of the usual cost of customer acquisitions,” says Vinod.

The App


enytime’s app is very user friendly with it’s industrial design that lets you browse for hourly rooms based on the city or the selected location and further filters like amenities, price and availability. The app runs smooth and it also has a feature that lets you enquire in case of nonavailability. All you have to do is click on the “Enquire Now” option and the hoteliers will address your query over the app itself. “We have made the app and now, let the app do the talking. Everything is on the app’s feed and there’s no more room for confusion that we previously faced while booking hotels,” says Kishore Balakrishna CTO of enytime.

They also have a very effective support system that takes customer feedback seriously and the team spends an ample amount of time going through and addressing all queries raised by the customers. Isn’t that so good to hear? With proper critical management and quality over quantity being on top of their list enytime also plans on implementing ways to educate more on  micro-stays and how it can be beneficial for both ends.

What do we think?

With familiar names like Lemon Tree, Red Fox & Plaza Premium under them, enytime is acquiring more such operators and setting valuable standards. The app is user friendly, reliable and it is currently available on Google Play. They offer hotels in Hyderabad as of now but the trio have plans on catering to other major cities soon.