City based health startup Ambee bag the first place along with two other startups in ‘UberPITCH 2016’


It seems like Hyderabad based startups had taken the New Year resolution to be ‘bigger and better than 2016’. In the first 10 days of the onset of the New Year, there has been loads of success and funding stories of Hyderabad based startups flooding the news.

In October 2016, Uber had tied up with the ministry of Commerce and announced its startup contest – “UberPITCH”. This was a limited opportunity that was announced across 37 cities and 21 countries for two days in November 2016. The main motto behind this huge initiative by Uber and the Government was to strengthen entrepreneurial activity in tier-2 cities.

On January 9th 2017, Uber went ahead to announce the winners – and guess what? Hyderabad based health startup, Ambee won the contest along with e-commerce startup SeekSherpa, agriculture firm LeanAgri.

As promised, the winners will get an investment of $50, 000 from Uber. Apart from the investment, the winning startups are soon going to be invited to San Francisco where they will bag the opportunity of meeting top executives and other venture capitalists.

SeekSherpa is a Delhi based startup which gets amazing micro tours in your city. LeanAgri is an agricultural based startup that lives by the motto of lean production – creating more value with less work.

The Hyderabad based startup, Ambee is into building better ambulance responses. Ambee is a network of hospital and private ambulances on a single technology platform, enabling users to find the nearest ambulance to go to a destination of their choice.


Amit Jain says “Our leaders at headquarters in San Francisco cannot wait to meet them and help them on the next stage of their journey.” Amit Jain is the President of Uber India.

Congratulations teams! We are sure your hard work paid off, but it’s not all over yet. A new journey unveils itself, and get ready to take on the new turns!

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City Uber drivers to get operational and financial support from Tata Services

The Tata group had recently announced its partnership with leading cab services platform Uber Technologies to offer customized vehicle financing solutions and insurance plans for drivers from Tata Capital Financial Services and Tata Motors Finance. They will also be eligible to get affordable insurance policies from Tata AIG. Tata Business Support Services has also agreed to provide operational support for the registered drivers who want to use the benefits of this agreement.

“It’s clear from talking to drivers how much they value their flexibility and independence. It’s why we are excited to work with the Tatas to help make it easier and more affordable for drivers to get on the road, thereby promoting micro entrepreneurship in India.” Said Eric Alexander, Head of Business, Uber Asia.

This initiative is Pan – India but has been rolled out only in Hyderabad for now. Over the next year, the companies plan to take it nation – wide, facilitating about 20,000 drivers to start their own business on the Uber platform, quotes Madhu Kannan, Member-Group Executive Council, and Group Head for business development and public affairs, Tata Sons.

This is indeed good news for all Uber drivers who struggle to pay exorbitant rents for leased cars. It is also a proud moment for the city dwellers that Uber and Tata chose Hyderabad to roll out the first phase of this initiative. This only proves the ample opportunities the city has for all kinds of initiatives and innovations.



UberPOOL, a carpooling service by Uber, now in Hyderabad.

At least once in our cab taking life, if not more, all of us have wondered if we could share the costs will fellow commuters. Well, now Uber lets you do just that. With their latest announcement, UberPOOL, Uber allows you to share your ride with passengers that have similar pickup and destination points. The working of this feature is simple: you choose the UberPOOL option and set your pickup location and destination. Here you are offered two options: ‘Get Your Own Car’ or ‘Share Your Car’, choose the later option to see the fixed rate you’ll need pay for this ride. Uber then proceeds to match you with passengers seeking to ride in the same direction.  Uber assures that you’ll end up paying what was shown when you booked your ride, even if no other passengers were matched with your ride. It’s guaranteed that you’ll pay less than what you would pay if you take a solo cab. Since the passengers are matched based on destination, Uber also guarantees that the UberPOOL option takes just a few minutes more than the UberGO option – their solo cab.

The UberPOOL services are currently available between 6:00 AM = 10:00 AM on all days of the week. UberPOOL allows you to book up to 2 seats. Refer to map below to know the areas where UberPOOL is active.


Chennai rains – startups to the rescue

The Indian news channels have been swamping with images of flooded streets of the Chennai city and news of how much loss the rains have been causing. Numbers say that the drenching rains in Chennai have disrupted daily life, left many people stranded and the death toll is nearing 200. Waterlogging has been reported in most of the areas and the meteorological department has stated that the next 48 hours will be critical.

#ChennaiRains have created a turmoil in the whole nation. While the whole country is trying to contact their loved ones in the city of Chennai, and the Government is sending out armed rescue forces to that city, startups have not been just sitting and watching it all. Apart from just tweeting about the updates, the startups from all over the nation rose to help those in need.

The taxi service provider Ola has moved ahead in providing ‘safety zones’ – to provide assistance and refuge. Equipped with relief supplies and first aid, this service is provided in Satyanarayana Bhavan in Waltax Road, and Usharani marriage hall in Ambattur. Ola competitor, Uber, has announced temporary free rides in the city.

Paytm has promised to facilitate a Rs 30 recharge instantly, free of cost, to ensure phone connectivity to have a contact with near ones in the city. “If you would like to recharge anyone’s mobile number so that they can remain connected during this tough time, please call us at 18001030033 and share the mobile number. We will recharge it with Rs.30 worth of talk-time, free of cost,” says Paytm’s official blog.

This is what we saw Paytm tweeting,” Stay Safe Chennai! Call on 18001030033, recharge your friend’s phone for free  #ChennaiFloods

However, Paytm has made it clear that this offer is only valid for Chennai numbers and can be availed only once per number. The company has also stated that it will take 2 hours to process requests and in case the operator is having connectivity issues in rain flooded city, then there may be a delay in the processing as well.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 8.09.43 am

Practo, the healthcare discovery platform is calling doctors listed on their platform to see if they are available to offer a helping hand to those affected due to the calamity. The company has created a Google document and is crowdsourcing data, and validating doctors before it is open for public.

“We are filtering out general physicians, since they will be first priority,” said a spokesperson of the company, who is updating the document every hour, after validating their credentials.

Telecom operators also jumped did their bit to help those affected by the rains by offering a talk time credit to their users.

After mobiles, doctors and transport, Zomato came up with an offer to match every purchase with a meal for flood victims in Chennai. Zomato is also working with NGOs who are actively on a troll in Chennai to deliver the food. Their logistics partners (Chennai Volunteers, Robinhood Army and Delhivery) are collecting the meals from relay points set up for the purpose to distribute to those affected.

“Till 5.00 pm today, people had bought over 20,000 meals, so with Zomato’s contribution we are at over 40,000 meals. We are hoping to get to 100,000 meals,” said a spokesperson. CEO Deepinder Goyal tweeted “15,000 meals bought by our users for #Chennai. Zomato adds to it to make it 30,000. Let’s all help get to 100k – we can do this.”And they did reach 55k and paused to ensure they are not choking the restaurants providing the meals.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 8.06.33 am


Home services provider Housejoy offered electrical check-ups, plumbing services, electronic checkups etc. for free in the worst affected areas of Madipakkam, Velachery, Pallikaranai, Medavakkam, Adyar, Kotturpuram and Valasaravakkam.

Apart from ensuring the safety of their own employees, the employees of Freshdesk volunteered to help those in need in their localities by collecting food, clothing and medicines, and the startup also circulated the addresses of employees (with access to a dry house, power and food) who can take in fellow colleagues.

Lookup, the startup app that lets you chat with local stores to get things done with a simple message, has tied up with Bhumi – an independent youth NGO. This partnership is now allowing users who want to help out the victims of the Chennai floods use their services and help the people stuck in in the form of distributing clothes, medicines and other essential materials. You will need to download the Lookup app and initiate a chat with Bhumi regarding what you want to donate. You can then share your pick up location which will let you donate things from your home itself.

Zippr built a system to tag and find relief centres:  .

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 8.30.24 am

Twitter was bussing with so much activity that the response was faster than any other media. A few good samaritans even opened up their houses and lot of them offered their support in the kindest way possible. People like these definitely restore your faith in humanity!

Salute to all those who have taken a step forward to help all the Chennai dwelling citizens. Every hand counts, and soon with all the prayers and help being offered, we all shall be able to overcome the mighty rains and its effects. Let’s all do our bit to those who are in need of a help today.

She Cabs – Hyderabad based startup brings cabs only for Women, Run by Women

Are you cynical when it comes to safety, just like me? Have you ever had to sit in a cab and wonder if the driver is taking you somewhere astray? Then, you wish you had the pepper spray, which is lying back at home.

This is probably due to the vast number of recent cases that has forced us to believe that the city we live in is not safe. I used to ponder on what can be done to solve this problem. Most cab companies brag about using technology to tackle this, however She Cabs seems to have a unique approach.

she3She Cabs is powered by Andhra Pradesh Balala Hakkula Sangham, a voluntary organization working for the protection of child rights in Hyderabad. They conducted two surveys and found that the most vulnerable are the young working women and girls traveling to-and-from tuition classes, especially during late hours.

“She Cabs“ has women drivers driving you in a GPS tracked cab. Each cab is provided with a button to contact the police. This button acts as an alarm system to contact the nearest police station.



·      Women drivers called “Pilots” trained in driving and etiquettes

·      The pilots are also trained in martial arts to handle four to five people.

·      24*7 Service

·      Affordable price of Rs. 20 per km after the 2nd km. (Check tariff here)

They started on 19th Feb, 2014 with two all-new pink cars. This was started as a pilot project dedicated for Hi-tech city and Kukatpally areas, as these areas have the highest concentration of women employees. “I got no support from the banks and had to invest my money to make sure the project is executed on time” said Anuradha Rao, the proprietor.

Major Challenge:

The challenge initially was getting women chauffeurs but the real challenge has been the lack of funds. Even though the demand has been very high, right from TCS, which has offered to hire 40 vehicles, to Google, which is also not far behind. The only reason for curbing expansion of She Cabs is the scarcity of funds to buy cabs.

The other side of benefit:

This exclusive transport system for women, by women is a non-profit initiative not only intended at improving road safety but it is also empowering women with jobs in an entirely new sector. Recently, the She Driving School has started to train and empower women from underprivileged backgrounds. The training is provided for free, but comes with condition of working for She Cabs for a year. “At present, 25 women, including the ones from Prajwala, a Hyderabad-based anti-trafficking organization, are undergoing training. The idea is to provide them loans to buy vehicles and run them under the she cabs brand”, said Anuradha.

Hope the APBH Sanham finds a way out to get funds for the cabs and we see them all over Hyderabad. So the next time you see a pink cab rolling on the road, salute the pink donned woman for her courage to have entered the male dominated public transport system.

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