TiE launches All India Road Show on women Economic Empowerment

captureThe entire startup ecosystem is well aware of TiE and its programs for the benefit of the entire clan of startups. TiE Global is one of the world largest not for profit organization with the mission of fostering entrepreneurship.

This organization aims to get bigger and better in 2017 and keeping that in mind, they have launched the “All-India Road Show on Women’s Economic Empowerment through Entrepreneurship – Project AIRSWEEE.

The program’s objective is to unleash value creation amongst aspiring young women in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India by empowering them with knowledge of Entrepreneurship. The initiative has received funding support from the US Mission in India, US Department of State. Though the program will be conducted in 5 different locations of the country, yet participants from all over the country can apply to be a part of this.

Locations –

  • Telangana – Warangal
  • Tamil Nadu – Coimbatore
  • Rajasthan – Jaipur
  • Maharashtra – Nagpur
  • West Bengal – Durgapur

Each area will invite 25 participants and 5 participants from each group will be selected to receive 6 additional months of mentoring from USA and India based mentors through video conferencing. It will be a 3 days workshop.

Workshop format:

  • DAY 1 and DAY 2: In-person Mentoring by USA based experts who will travel to India
  • DAY 3: Mentoring by India based Expert

This AIRSWEEE Program has been initiated with a mission to promote entrepreneurship as a career option for women in smaller cities in India. Keeping in mind the fact that the entrepreneurs are from small cities and may not have a lot of funding to cover for the program, the organizers are going to bear all the costs are for this program – the program is free for the participants including Food, lodging and other logistical support.


Benefits for participants

Early stage women entrepreneurs will be highly benefitted by the expert guidance of U.S. based and Indian Origin Entrepreneurs advice and guidance. Participants will receive complimentary membership to the local TiE Chapter for a period of 1 year (In the case of Warangal workshop they will receive membership of TiE Hyderabad).

Event details:

  • To participate, you will have to fill the application form. You can fill it here.
  • Registration deadline: 27th January 2017

Women entrepreneurs from all over the country are invited to utilize this one of a lifetime opportunity. A women Entrepreneur can choose any city to participate.

It’s About Time. A TEDxHyderabadWomen Event.

Feet, What do I need them for. When I have wings to fly. – Frida Khalo.

The Hyderabad chapter of TED, hosted ‘Its About Time’, a TEDxHyderabadWomen event. The event, which took place at the Franklin Templeton office in the Financial District, witnessed a curated attendance of around one hundred. As the name suggests, the idea behind the event was to provide a perspective on time, and the basic fact that we all have the same time. The same number of hours in a day, the same number of days in a year. How we choose to spend that time, what we choose to do with it; that varies from person to person.

‘X’ marks the spot.
The event had three live speakers and a couple of streams from other TED talks. The live speakers were there to spark inspiration; they did that, and so much more. ‘It’s About Time’ started with Padmashree Dr. Manjula Anagani, the celebrated OBGYN in Hyderabad. She talked about breaking gender stereotypes while growing up. Her single minded focus on becoming a surgeon and the personal hurdles she’s had to overcome along the way. Dr. Manjula also briefly brought to light the NGO she has founded, Pratyusha Support: providing medical care to underprivileged women and children suffering from HIV.

The second speaker was Haleem Khan, the Kuchipudi dancer who is well known for his female impersonation during dance recitals. Haleem shared his journey on learning a dance form that was not part of his culture or religion. Knowing that he loved it enough to actually sneak out and learn. The man is funny. Honest, grounded and funny.

The final speaker for the day was Ms. Swati Lakra, an IPS officer and the leader of the SHE teams in Telangana. Ms. Lakra spoke of the SHE initiative and her team’s resolution in making Telangana a safer state for women.

The Masterpiece by Ankit Soni.
The event also had a couple of live streams from other TED events, all in line with the theme of ‘It’s about time.’ The attendees got a first hand experience of Haleem Khan’s performance as a female impressionist. What a treat to the eyes that was! In addition to this, illustrator Rohit Soni created a masterpiece of sorts from the doodles he asked us to draw. I think I blocked out what I drew from my memory!

As it is with these events, the attendees were an interesting mix from various walks of life, everybody agreeing that, It’s about time.

And fly I will, Frida Khalo.

Zizelle – One stop shop for Statement Bags.

Zizelle Logo in Jpeg

“Luxury bags make your life more pleasant, make you dream, give you confidence, and show your neighbors you are doing well.” – Karl Lagerfeld.

While Karl Lagerfeld (Creative Director for Chanel and Fendi) has a lot of quotes to his credit, this one perhaps struck a chord with Swati Panchadhar, Founder of ‘Zizelle.’ What is Zizelle, you ask? In their own words, “Zizelle is the Dernier-cri in the world of bag fashion!” Simply put, Zizelle offers a collection of statement bags, that provide the much needed ‘ZiZ’ in your life. 

“I honestly believe that a bag, completes the look for any woman – it could be the work look, a dinner look, or an airport look. Accessorizing with the right handbag adds all the ZiZ.” says Swati. Being a fashion enthusiast herself, she saw the opportunity in this space and started Zizelle in April 2015.

swati zizelle  Zizelle is a marketplace for statement handbags from across the world. Swati and her team scouts for unique      designers and niche manufacturers, thus ensuring her customers have a one-of-a-kind selection to choose from.  The business is three tiered:

  • eCommerce. The simple transaction of buying handbags from the Zizelle catalogue..
  • Services: Zizelle offers Wedding services by pairing all of your wedding outfits with matching handbags. This is exciting stuff, because they’ll also match the outfits of everybody in your trousseau. Taking this service one step back, Zizelle does customised bags for your bridal shower!
  • The third aspect is the B2B, where niche designers can sell their products directly on Zizelle’s website.

At the moment, Zizelle is bootstrapped and being funded by Swati. She will however reach out for investment when the business shows the right traction and sales. You can look at their catalog on their Facebook page, Amazon India and Flipkart. Their very own website will be live in a couple of weeks.

When she’s not donning her ‘ZiZ’ cape and saving women in Hyderabad from hand bag disasters, Swati is a Sales Director for IT BFSI & Professional Services at HCL Technologies. There is however one other role that trumps all of the above. Being a super mom to a toddler! Swati juggles it all. Her secret? Working that ZiZ with the bag on her arm!

Startup Hyderabad wishes Swati and her team at Zizelle good luck. Women entrepreneurs for the win.


Jumpstarting Careers for Women


It can be a daunting experience to look for a new job. Even more if you have a break in your career. This is generally applicable to women who take a break in their career for various reasons. Getting your career back on track can get difficult. Not all companies take a break in career positively and it can influence their current hiring decisions. Today, however there are options for women looking to restart their career – or even change career verticals. Lets look at some of these options:

Springboard by Microsoft: Having two batches underway, Microsoft is soon starting the third wave of their Springboard program. This program offers an internship to selected women to jumpstart their careers. Microsoft has listed a minimum of a year’s break and a minimum of 4 years of continuous employment to be eligible for this program. Also, all openings in the Springboard program are technical in nature. After the completion of the internship the candidate can interview for a full time position with Microsoft. You can read more about this program here.

Dr. Reddy’s Comeback Careers for Women: Dr. Reddy’s also recognises the talent opportunities in women looking to resume their career life after a sabbatical. Unlike the Springboard program by Microsoft, these opportunities are full time with Dr. Reddy’s. They list the openings and women with a break in their career can apply. The openings are across all verticals and departments. The promise Dr. Reddy’s makes is to not let the career break influence their decision in hiring. You can look at the opportunities available here.

Second Career Internship Program by TATA: Tata launched SCIP way back in 2008 and defines it as a Career transition Management program for women. They also need women to have a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 8 years break in their career. This program works a little differently. The program is based per project and they have a certain number of flexible hours the applicant needs to complete for the project. The project is location based. Applicants can apply based on a listed project or simply register for any upcoming projects that suit their profile. Visit this link for more information.

The fact that there are such opportunities available is testimony enough to the direction employers are taking in making their work place as positive as possible. Comment and let us know if you know of any other such programs or if you have personally experienced one yourself. We would love to hear about your experience.

The Geek Angels Summit- Celebrating women in technology

In the era of fast growing technology, mere possession of skills is not enough. Apart from having what it takes to be a tech geek, it is important enough to grab the right opportunities when they knock at your door.

Living in a male dominated society, these opportunities do not knock often, but when it does come, make sure you make the most of it. All those women out there in the society who ‘s passion is technology, The Geek angel Summit is THAT one hell of an opportunity.

The Geek Angels is a non – profit, one-stop hub for women involved in the tech field. It provides a platform to learn, share, ideate, innovate, collaborate and develop solutions for the problems in this world. It allows women to work with people from varied fields and learn cutting edge technologies. They help the participants to get the best of the time spent which in turn propels their career prospects.

geek angels summit banner

This year on the 16th of April 2016, The Geek Angels Summit is all set to happen again. As part of the summit, there will be

  • Workshops – to strengthen your technical skills in latest technologies from the workshops delivered by eminent industry experts in a complete interactive mode
  • Inspiring power talks & Panel – get inspired from the amazing power talks by the most powerful women in the tech industry. Every journey begins with a small step driven by inspiration
  • Great Networking opportunities – Mentors, Angels Investors, Coders and Gurus. It’s all about networking
  • The Hackathon – Prove your mettle by solving a problem. Get noticed & hired by availing Internship opportunities at the summit

Agenda –

08: 30 AM – 9:30 AM – Registrations, Tea and snacks

9:30 AM- 10:00 AM – Keynote: Believing in journey

10:00 AM – 10: 15 AM – Keynote: Opening note

10:15 AM – 10:30 AM – Talk: Building a tech focused personal brand for your IT career

11:00 AM – 11: 45 AM – Panel: ‘Women Helping Women: The stories, the tech, the steps you can personally take to make a difference’

11: 45 AM – 12: 10 PM – Talk by Ananda shankar Jayant

01: 00 PM – 01: 45 PM – Lunch break

02:00 PM – 02: 25 PM – Talk: Cyber Security – Are you at Risk?

02: 25 PM – 03: 20 PM -Panel: Emerging Technologies BigData Analytics & Cloud Computing.

03: 20 PM – 03: 40 PM – Talk: IoT- Don’t miss the next tech revolution

03: 40 PM – 03: 55 PM – Talk: Maker Revolution

04: 00 PM – 04: 10 PM – Talk: End with confidence

04: 10 PM – 05: 00 PM – Networking session followed by Tea and Coffee / Drinks

The speakers are going to not only educate the women, but being there will also give you a chance to learn from experience. The speakers list for this year’s summit includes –

  • Mamata Vegunta – HR director, Invesco
  • Radhika Meenakshi Shankar – Founder, Wise Owl Consulting
  • Ramesh Loganatham – MD, Progress Software
  • Ananda Shankar Jayant – Dancer, Tedx Speaker
  • Shruthi Kamath – Ethical Hacker
  • Shwetha Mehatha – Fitness Athlete
  • Anamika Singh – Cyber security consultant, IronWasp
  • Bhavana Khatri – Psychologist, Soft skills trainer

At the end of the day though, it’s up to us women to make our lives brighter. Like they say, opportunities are like sunrises, if you wait too long, you miss them. The Geek Angels is your sunrise, here and now, and you’d better not miss it.

Event Details

When – 16th April 2016

Where – Progress Software, Madhapur, Hyderabad

Time – 09: 00 AM onwards

You can buy your ticket by clicking here.

PS: If you are student who is planning to attend the event, you can get 25% off on your registration. Click here for more details . The Geek Angels team is looking for volunteers to help them at the event. If you would like to volunteer, please click here to apply.

Desserts are the new rage for startups in Hyderabad

STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS!!

‘Startups’ are doing exceptionally well with desserts as their domain. Their efforts and hardwork are undoubtedly taking ‘Creativity’ to the next level. From custom Cupcakes, ThemeCakes, ice-creams to Donuts for every occasion, we now look for reasons to celebrate!!

Here are a few of the startups who have made their mark in this industry.

Must Experience –

1) Zoey’s Bakehouse


An online bakery managed by Poonam Maria Prem, offers customised cakes to suit your party theme exactly the way you want! Being a visual effect designer for almost a decade (who has even worked on the Oscar award winning Life of Pi), Poonam’s passion towards baking started a year back and she is thoroughly living every bit of it.

The Hyderabad based Food Startup: Bakehouse, named after her four year old daughter – Zoey, has 3.5K+ FB fans and counting. She started off with birthday cakes, but now has expanded her menu to include wedding cakes and even proposal cakes! “The idea is that you can eat the decoration as well. So I made sure everything on cake is edible” says Poonam.


The cakes at Zoey’s Bakehouse always comes with a fondant figurine – all made up with sugar. From people, cars, animals, musical instruments, to popular  cartoon characters. “I am growing as a baker and that is what I love about my work. I want to set a benchmark for cupcakes in the city and overcome the myth of them being available only aboard” says Poonam during her interview with the New Indian Express.

It has been recently awarded the ‘Baker of the year’ by the Home Bakers Guild – A Global online community of more than 17 thousand bakers.

Go ahead and place your orders!!

Fb : https://www.facebook.com/ZoeysBakehouse

2) Concu Cakes


In French ‘Concu’, translates as crafted or designed and true to its name the cakes are designed with creativity and care. Concu is new Hyderabad based Start-up Started by Mr Sahil Taneja and his wife Swati Upadhyay, the concept of concu evolved over a period of time but its roots were planted firmly in England. The Chef (Sahil Tanejua)’s love for fine European pastry is reflected in his work.


Their outlet has a unique and impressive welcome with pictures of famous chefs from UK. Adding to that, the light in the weaved butte adds to the attraction at the entrance. This is basically an independent house, where the living room displays wide spread of delicacies with a small four people sit-out area adjacent to it and rest of the place is used for baking. The calming atmosphere makes you feel at home.

best place for Macarons in hyd -  at Concu-1

I have tried the chocolate cupcake and macrons and I must say the Chocolate Macrons here are the best!

FB: https://www.facebook.com/concucakeshyd 

3) Donut House

Donut house at begumpet is a one stop store offering you a wide range of donuts.


Its easy to find the place – right next to Pizza Hut in somajiguda and nearby the Necklace Road MMTS station. The ambience is modern, bright and colourful with the Interiors being done in 2 colours  mostly yellow and white. The display of all the donuts available sets the appetite going, just looking at it.


Dark Marble is my fav from their menu.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/DonutHouseIndia

4) Oh So Stoned! 

Ice cream is ice cream anywhere… Oh So Stoned! –  Hyderabad’s Best Stone Ice Cream.


Started by Rohan Lepps and his wife Meghna Rao, this ice cream parlour is a part of Purple Leaf Hotel located at the Secunderabad. With a blend of ice cream flavours, this place with its amazing name is made with quality ingredients nurtured to perfection in its taste. The Bakery and confectionary offers a wide variety of gourmet cakes & pastries, ice-creams & gelato and delicious smoothies & shakes.

With their Motto – “Get high on Ice cream”,  Oh So Stoned! is refreshingly new in the field of cold stone ice cream outlets.


Oh so stoned’s mouth watering Scarface Sundae – Combination of Nutella and Ferrero rocher ice cream


Mars attack. Fried Mars bars with Caramel sauce. There is nothing better than this.

pci3 -1

Block -Baklava Ice Cream!  (named after the famous middle east sweet  loaded with pistachios and walnuts)

Not too heavy on your pocket, this place is just perfect to beat this summer.  Open till 2 AM in the night, family and friends can hang out here to enjoy and freeze real good memories to last for a lifetime.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/ohsostonedindia

# Zomato user’s choice


5) Menchie’s Frozen Yoghurt

Menchie’s is a world-leader of ensuring best-in-class products and is the ambassador of frozen yogurt quality worldwide.


“Anyone can sell a product, but very few places can provide an exceptional experience, one that makes you part of a community. That has always been our goal,” said Amit Kleinberger, CEO of Menchie’s. Started in 2007, the brand has taken The  Frozen yoghurt industry to its peak, with an average of 5 new outlets opening every month globally.


 With more than 350 stores, the franchise has branches in the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Guam, India and more.The brand offers its customers premium rotating yogurt flavors and delicious toppings for unlimited combinations in every bite. The proprietary collection is made from the milk of “smiley” California cows, which have not been treated with artificial growth hormones (rBST).


Check-in on their Facebook page and get a 10% discount on your bill!

FB : https://www.facebook.com/MyMenchies