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Blockchain – A GameChanger for India

Although many countries around the world are still framing regulatory policies and stances on many blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, the blockchain adoption and development in India is at an all-time high. Indian Prime Minister Narendra …

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Brand Identity Of The Hyderabad Start-Up Ecosystem by TSICI

What is it about? Hyderabad is a city of immense growth and possibilities. An example true to this statement is the Hyderabad Start-up Ecosystem and the journey of its evolution over the years. While Start-up …

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ADmyBRAND- Modern Avtar for Traditional Media

The days are gone, where marketers could only showcase their product, now we are in a generation, where marketers creatively connect the customers by building relationship and loyalty. With the evolution of the digital platform, there …

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Gear up for a hidden TV cabinet with these TV Lifts – Actuatorzone.com

Huge HDTVs are great for gaming and for watching movies and TV shows on Netflix or good-old cable. But big-screen TVs come with some space problems. You need TV furniture or wall mounts with great designs, and also you …

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PK bro’s Media – Promoting the upcoming talent

The actual aim of this channel is to bring up the new talents, in the areas of short films, independent music, prank videos etc., the first song we uploaded was “PKC LAUNDRIES Promo Rap Song” …

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Entrepreneurship – A step up for the times

India ranks third in the number of technological start-ups with around 4,500 startups with an average valuation of approximately $2.3 million. US ranks 1st with approximately 50,000 start-ups. With ours being around 4x the population …

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Importance of SEO For B2B Companies And Best Practices

Companies are investing a lot of money on SEO and PPC campaigns to popularize their websites and boost their sales. It’s tough to predict SEO results for the upcoming year. The SEO strategies and related …

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PKC Laundries Promotional Telugu Rap Music Video

PKC Laundries released Promotional Telugu Rap Music Video to promote their brand, our team met with Premanth Kundurthi & Chaithanya Founders of PKC Laundries Why Song to promote brand when did this idea first came? The idea …

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Start-Up Hyderabad Awards – The Future of Hyderabad

The Future of Hyderabad, Nominate Now Start-Up Hyderabad 2016 awards provides an annual spotlight focus to recognize and encourage all the work you are doing and contributing to world of start-ups from city of Nizams …

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4 roles every entrepreneur MUST learn to play

Believe it or not – being a founder is a tough task. You have to think about every small and big thing, you have to please every stakeholder and be a part of every important …

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