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5 ways to increase your productivity at work

 2 years ago    

captureContinuously increasing on your efficiency and productivity is a big step towards your success as an entrepreneur. “How can I increase my productivity?” is a constant question that a founder finds it difficult to answer at most times. One important thing that you have to keep in mind is that you have to have a clear understanding of your market and competition and a clear vision of your startup’s future. Having this in mind, you will be able to plan better and organize your priorities – which will help a great way in increasing your productivity.

Apart from this, here are 5 ways that when included in your daily schedule will surely help to increase your work productivity leading you to the up ladder of your success –

#1: Start with the end in mind

When you start with the end in mind, it is easier to plan. With your destination already in place, you just have to do reverse planning and plan your priorities accordingly. When you follow this procedure, you know your destination and end result very clearly and hence you can plan and delegate accordingly.

#2: Set deadlines

Setting deadlines is a number one attribute that productive entrepreneurs display in their daily routine. Keep deadlines in mind and work accordingly. When you set deadlines you will know how much time to spend on what work – set work structure on basis of its priority and work accordingly. Ensure you are not moving the deadline at any cost at the same time, do not set unrealistic deadlines as well.

#2: Keep distractions away while at work

Social media, personal long talks and other distractions shall stay away when you are at work. Plan your timing in such a way that you have designated breaks for such works – take breaks from work and you can take a pick on your personal works in those times. Try and go for a walk while you take breaks. Ensure that you freshen up your mind and fill your stomach during these breaks so that you get back to work fresh and focused. Try to schedule all your calls while you’re travelling. This will help you utilize your time better.

#4: Limit work from home

When you work from home, you might fall prey to lot of distractions beginning from maids to doorbells and TV. Unless it is very urgent, prefer working from your office only. This will help you stay focused plus you can take up any and all urgent meetings as well, where rather if you are working from home – you might have to rush to the client’s office or your office for any emergency or unplanned meeting. Work from home also tends to make a person lazy and procrastinate things. That is why, choose to get up and go to your office only to work. This way your employees will also work to their best efficient potential (since they know you will be at office).

#5: Follow the 80-20 rule

This is a very effective technique – all you have to do is find out the 20% of your activities that yield 80% of the results that too positive results. Do those meticulously everyday so that one day it will become you habit to follow this rule. Push back the trivial or inconsequential stuff and allocate time for the important ones. Consider striking a balance between the important and the urgent.

The above ones are just few very common traits that are easy to adopt. You can have your personal productivity enhancing techniques which work best for you. Every person is different and so is their style of working.




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