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My gate raises Funding of INR 16 crore by prime ventures

 4 months ago    

If you are living in a gated community, are you investing in a right form of security???

In an apartment complex, there are thousands of visitors every day, every hour, every minute and it is managed by a chain process from a security guard, biometrics, Boom Barrier, Access card, CCTV, and RFID. But we require a lot of capital expenditure, High maintenance, no proper communication with the security guard, an inconvenience with the visitors. To solve these challenges, to authorize validate and manage your gate My Gate brought its app-based security system with zero capital and zero hardware.

my gate

You will receive notifications with a photo if anyone knocks at your door. You are notified when your guest or any domestic help arrives. It authorizes when your delivery arrives and if your child goes outside. Pre-approves when your cab arrives. The most amazing feature is you can access and authorize it from anywhere.

source: My Gate

CEO: Vijay Arisetty: Founders: Shreyans Daga, Abhishek Kumar, Vivaik Bharadwaj

T-Hub the largest incubation Centre in India has incubated startup My Gate a technology solution. It has raised the funding of  INR 16 crore led by prime ventures. It increased the 2X growth of their clientele with the help of T-Hub. T-Hub played a huge role in developing the technology feature for their product which needed expertise. My gate founders mentioned that the backbone of their startup is T-Hub where it could validate 24 million visits through their mobile app across 100,000 homes.

What are the product features which they offer ???
Real-Time Domestic Help Management
Instant security alert
Automated Guest authentication
E-Intercom for guest authentication
Complete attendance management
Digital validation of all staff and residents
Infrastructure-free vehicle tracking

with a vision to enable digital and smart security for gated communities, They deployed at hundreds of communities in India and this number is only increasing.

 If you are interested  in investing in this mobile-based technology know more



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