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3 myths to let go off to be successful

 7 years ago    



“Success comes from within. You can’t give it to someone and then expect it to come to you!”

Success is a word that holds different meaning to different people. Yet one thing that remains same for everyone is the zeal that has to come from within. There are lot of stories and beliefs that people tend to grab on with the intention that once the person has imbibed these thoughts, they will be successful.

The fact is that limiting your beliefs will also limit your brain functionality. A human brain is a wonderful tool and the best way to use it, is to allow it to function on its own. So, let the brain do its own research while you ditch these three myths today –

Myth #1: Another person’s success mantra will work for you

It is a BIG NO for this thought! Maybe for a person having a pocket satisfying job is the meaning of successful but it is not necessary that the same applies to you! Every person is different, every person’s goals are different and hence their success meaning are different. So, when the definition differ, how can the way to reach there be the same? Do not follow tested and tried ways of succeeding and life. The best way to achieve success with your startup is to create your own formula!

Myth #2: I need to build a full proof plan on how to success

The truth is that, you can never have a full proof plan to reach the end of the success ladder. Every day is new, and change is the only constant. With changing times, changing demands and a dynamic business market, it is very difficult to create a success plan. In case you are successful in creating one, the difficulty is when you have to sustain and follow the plan in the ever changing environment. So, skip the myth that you have to have a full proof plan in place. Instead, create short term plans and goals and keep altering your plans with changing needs of consumers. Ensure you have backup plans in place as well.

Myth #3: I am not afraid of falling

Really? Actually speaking all of us are always in the fear of failing. The fear could be in different forms – it could be in the thought of ‘what will people think’ to big fears including loss of money and goodwill. But the truth is that somewhere down the lane, all of us are afraid of failure but put front that we are actually not scared of falling! So, let’s come out of this myth and accept the fact that falling and failure does impact us. The sooner we accept this, it will be better as we will be able to plan for contingencies and failure. Having a backup in place will help us plan for downfalls.

Coming out of these false beliefs will help us plan our success in a much better and truthful way. We can fool others but can never fool ourselves. So, don’t force your brain to believe something that it doesn’t want to. Follow your heart and brain and your success is not very far!




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