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5 bad habits to let go to succeed

 7 years ago    

capture“Success comes to those who work towards it!”

This is a well knowing saying and it actually holds true. Mere working will not make wonders happen, you have to work in the right direction and in the required ways to achieve the success that you have foresighted.

As an entrepreneur – you have a great idea, you have investors ready to invest, yet you are not able to achieve targets as per you potential! Wondering why? Well, to be frank, it might be because of the below thoughts and actions that you consciously or unconsciously imbibe in yourself and your daily routine –

#1: The fear that you are not perfect

It’s OK! Trust me, nobody in the world is perfect. Even Steve jobs had made mistakes and so did Mr. Ambani! Allow thyself to create things that are not perfect. Make multiple drafts of a single action plan, even though you know you won’t include some or most of what you’re doing. You always can edit what you’ve begun. Greatness comes from many failures and do-overs.

#2: You get distracted very easily

If just one call or a single push notification can take away your focus, then you’ll have to change this action IMMEDIATELY! To change this, avoid taking lot of short breaks. Do not interrupt yourself once you sit to work on serious and important things. Plan your things, and include breaks in the plan. Breaks will be the only time that will allow you sometime to make those phone calls, answer back to all pending texts and emails.

#3: Alarm rings? GET UP instead of hitting SNOOZE

This is where the procrastination in you begins. Just from a simple snooze of your alarm – it could be a wake up alarm or an alarm to remind you of something. Hitting the snooze will only make you lazier and will postpone your things that you were supposed to do at the moment. Several studies have shown that 15 minutes of extra snooze time in the morning won’t help you feel less tired. Scientists found a long time ago that you need deep REM sleep to recharge and have concluded that, “Snoozing actually makes you more tired and fatigued. Even worse, it wastes time you could spend drinking water, showering or exercising — activities all shown to increase energy levels.”

#4: You MULTITASK at most times

While multi tasking is good, it isn’t recommended at all times! Sometimes, there is a need for you to focus on one single thing at once to attain perfection in it. If you prefer to multi task everything at all times, you tend to miss giving attention to detail and this might result into huge blunder at some point. Studies have proven that multitasking reduces the amount of short-term memory you retain from your task. Over time, this reduces your amount of long-term memory as well.

#: 5You kick start your day with full energy that gradually tends to lower by the end of the day

Most people are at their best earlier in the day, before they’ve reached the brain fatigue of afternoon and evening. This is only because you have over stressed yourself during that day, that your body has no energy left by the end. It can also be because you have been sitting in for too long! In a sitting position, the spine becomes less flexible and in turn this puts strain on the lower back, shoulders and neck. It also reduces blood flow to the brain and lungs – and when this happens how are you going to expect your brain to function as quick as it would have otherwise?

Change all your bad habits become they have become your regular routine. Changing everything at once can seem to be impossible, but if you focus on one thing at a time and try to improve bit by bit, there will be one day where you will be far away from all the bad habits that you have today. You can’t outwork unhealthy patterns. The best way to ditch a bad habit is to embrace a good one in its place!




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