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Cleanse High - Detoxify your body for the good

 8 years ago    

cleanse highFeeling sluggish or out of sync? Having skin problems, aches and pains, or digestive problems? Straying from your healthier habits lately? Having trouble kicking off your weight loss? It might be time for a body detox. It is said that all states of dis-ease begin and end in the colon.
Undigested debris is retained here and causes fermentation when the digestion process isn’t allowed to operate to its fullest potential due to both internal and external stress.
Given the increasingly toxic world we live in today, periodic detoxification has become even more crucial to health maintenance.

If you do not clean up your body from inside on a regular basis, your body is like a car with gummed up fuel filter- Its Doesn’t run! As the toxic load is reduced by detoxifying your body, the functioning of every cell is enhanced. Detoxifying can help protect you from disease and renew your immunity systems.

But, the question here is – is detoxification that simple? Will the home remedies and “dadi ke nuske” help you detoxicate your body in the right manner? Well, we do not know about how other things will work, but we now know one thing for sure, that the detoxification process has been made simpler – all thanks to the city based startup “Cleanse High”

Cleanse High is an accessible system of Body detox with healing elixirs that help maintain health and balance. The juice detox regime allows your body to rest and the process also helps cleaning and nourishing the body from inside out once in a while. This allows body detoxify your body to rid itself of toxins, renew cells and allow our organs to repair and relax. As the toxic load is reduced, the functioning of every cell is enhanced.
This wonderful startup has been pioneered solely by a single woman – Sindura Borra. She bootstrapped the initial funding of the startup, and since then there has been no financing problems, since the startup is operating on the revenues it receives from the orders.

Sindura and her idea went live 2 years back, in 2013 and today she grew from a one man army to having been supported by an Advisory board that has 3 licensed nutritionists from Sanfransico, Mumbai and Hyderabad. Cleanse High is now a team of 18 working towards successful operation, production and marketing of the company.

Wondering how she got this unique idea? Well, read what the founder herself had to say about the birth of this startup – “A couple of years ago when I moved to India for good after my graduation, with me I got something along that intrigued transformed me the most during my stay. The idea of juice Detox. For me, it was a feeling of sluggishness and toxicity that pushed me to try a juice detox. With so much food available around us and a new restaurant cropping up every week, I felt India needs to take a break from food once in a while. Listen to our body, give it half time, and GET A DETOX.I started with Hyderabad.

I went on to create Cleanses for myself and the many like-minded people I knew, who lived at a demanding pace.  With thorough nutritional assistance from a dear friend, I conceived CLEANSE HIGH to help others on their journey towards improving their health and happiness. Cleanse High is driven by the idea that you shouldn’t have to put your busy life on hold just to feel healthier by improving your diet and overall approach to how you eat and drink. “

How does Cleanse High work?

Cleanse High Elixirs are infused with fresh veggies, whole fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, exotic herbal teas and superfood.

The Procedure: Replacing your regular food with 8 cleansing beverages for a period of 1 to 3 days. These juices are freshly pressed and has no preservatives. Each tonic is designed to detox and nourish your system.

Ingredients that go into the detox juice: Cleanse High designed the healing elixirs combining the finest of raw food ingredients, drawn from the ancient folk wisdom that are vibrant and vitamin-rich. Exotic herbal teas are collected from around the globe.

The startup detox serves 3 different regimes –

  • Seeker (1 Day): Rs.1260 – A basic refreshment for beginners.
  • Sage (3 Days):Rs.3750 – A deep cleanse ritual to remove toxic and lymphatic waste. Each day a fresh box of 8 juices is delivered.
  • Nirvana (6Days): Rs.6500 – A holistic reboot with nourishing tonics and a guided food plan. A 360deg detox and nourishment. Each day a fresh box of 8 juices is delivered.

“We are now working towards making Cleanse High stronger in Hyderabad market. Soon, we will be franchising to other Metro’s in India. We are now retailing single elixirs through the food tech logistic startups. Because most of our clients wanted to have a nourishing juice every day as part of their daily food. We are currently researching on another product line. A revolutionary nutrition in just one serving. More about it in 2016.” Chips in the proud founder, Sindura.

So, all set to detox your body?  All you have to do is reach out to the team of Cleanse High over phone or email and place the order 24hrs before the day of the day of detox. They shall take the order and deliver a fresh box a night before your detox day. The juices are to be refrigerated and consumed the next day, starting the first bottle at7:30 AM.

Like their page here for healthy upates 🙂

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