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Diamonds and Gold gets trendy online with Caratlane

 9 years ago    

The Indian culture of saving up a fortune in gold is synonyms for generations now. This culture and heritage practice has greatly impacted the nuances of the market trends relating to gold, semi-precious metals, diamonds and other stones in the Indian market. Indians still religiously believe in investing all their savings in the form of gold and passing on this assets across generations as both hereditary and rituals.

All socio-economic strata of people in the Indian continent buy up gold ornaments that are used in daily life and festive events, more importantly as assets that increases manifolds in value with each passing day.


This trend has been a mammoth reason for the flourishing gold market in India. Its a common affair to buy gold on festive events or even gift gold on prestigious occasions. Gold sellers have taped this emerging market and have encashed high profits annually. This probably the only business that flourished leaps and bounds inspite of the bulls and bears at the world stock market year after year. The traditional market of gold selling would obviously involve with time and metamorphic itself to suit the needs and wants of the modern man and contemporary market.

The emergent trend offering online sale of goods and services soon gripped the gold market. Sale of gold, precious and semi-precious metals and stones through an online web portal offered a plethora of options to the customers at the convenience of his home, bringing the exhaustive market to his doorstep. Customers were thrilled with this exhibits and accepted this change both positively and unanimously.


Among all the contenders that offered online sale of gold ornaments, one brand that made a name for itself as a pilot entry based on range and prices was Caratlane offered exclusive and exhaustive range of gold, diamonds and other ornaments at a wide range of prices making it affordable for larger sections of society.

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Their special offers of first time user discount, range-wise discounts and best of all is try @ home gripped the modern buyers offering ease and privilege both. Caratlane also offers customization in terms of fixes, design, stones reflecting variations in prices. Caratlane also offers life-time service, maintenance and exchange facilities. Caratlane promises 24carat customer service. Caratlane’s positive and increasing inter-ability is substituting the traditional gold seller and will soon be the new trusted seller in the gold market both in India and Globally.

CARATLANE is surely shining brighter than a diamond!!!





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