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FreshUp – Book a short stay, priced at hourly rates

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FreshUp, Posh as a hotel, budget friendly as hostel, is by far the best located poshtel delivering the best home-away-from-home services at pocket friendly

India is among the largest global business destination. In 2015 the expenditure on India’s business travels was ranked 10th as per the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Foundation and it’s been growing at a large pace since then. Travellers have since a long time complained about lack of essential amenities, hygiene and comfort at affordable prices. The combination has been such that either you get all of the above for a handsome price or none if your pocket is a little budgeted.

freshup logoFresh Minds Services Private Limited has started a new venture which allows business travellers to get all the basic amenities at prices that are neither high nor unreasonable. This venture is called FreshUp which believes and lives up to its punchline- Hop, Stop, Go; i.e you stay for a short duration just to fresh up yourselves and depart. Moreover, all you pay for is the number of hours you stay.

The FreshUp Concept and its Reception

FreshUp is a venture that bases itself on the “Poshtel” concept. It provides facilities that are ’posh’ as high rated hotels and as affordable as a hostel. Its classy décor, cosy environment and hi-tech facilities and services speak for itself. It has completely revolutionised the lodgings for business travellers, which has been a pain point for single day travellers .

Gachibowli being a hub of business meetups, travellers and buildings, the pay as you stay concept is the best that the frequent visitors can ask for. The reviews we’ve got in a month’s time since our launch are incredible. Travellers have constantly appreciated the hassle-free, no-queue environment we’ve been providing them which comes along with the services they’ve been anticipating for long. These short stays are ideal for travellers who wish to stop by for a couple of hours to freshen up their mood, body and soul.

We have thus, since our one-month old launch at Hyderabad, fulfilled our aim of providing a sparkling location to our travellers within a pocket friendly budget.

FreshUp plans to coversouth India in phase 1 and plans for a Pan India launch and lend out its services to most of the cities including metropolis and business centres like New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. The team plans it next launch at Tirupathi, Bangalore in the next few months.


The FreshUp Squad

Mr. Laxmi Narasimaha Reddy, CEO,  Ms. Priya Goutham, Chief Marketing Head and Mr. Gopi Krishna, Operations lead the FreshUp squad and they have collectively made sure that each customer gets flexible check-in options at fair prices.

FreshUp is a fresh venture by fresh minds who have allied to bring about a way of providing clean and hygienic spaces like washrooms, bathrooms and relaxing areas based on visitor choice. This saves the already tired travellers of opting for spaces that make them sick and all the more tired by the time they return. The brains behind this novel concept witnessed a rise in medical and social problems that have for long emanated owing to lack of such places especially at cost-effective prices. They’ve witnessed the same and wanted to change it for them and for all.

The FreshUp team is a conglomeration the brightest young minds who are aware of their responsibilities towards the society and are capable enough to device ways of fulfilling them. They laugh, live,eatand work together, which makes their workplace a second home for them as well as for those who visit and stay at their poshtel.

Why FreshUp?

This section is for those who haven’t visited us yet; as for those who’ve come by,‘why’ has ceased to exist.

FreshUp provides

  • Cosy Air Conditioned resting areas– with a range of options to choose from.
  • Sparkling clean and lightly fragranced toilets – equipped with all items necessary to maintain proper hygiene.
  • Spotless bathrooms – with 24*7 hot water supply, quality bathing kits, a fresh pair of slippers and sterilised towels
  • Toiletries – which include toothpaste and toothbrush, comb, shower gel, shaving cream, safety razor, clean towels, disposable slippers and a linen bag.
  • Soothing lights– based on customer needs.
  • Reay to serve café– which serves cereals, finger foods, soft drinks, various kinds of tea, coffee, packed items etc.
  • Wi-Fi -that is free and FAST
  • 24/7 power backup– so you never have to go in the dark
  • Multiple charging points– so you’re never entertainment hungry and cut-off from your world.
  • Last Minute shopping needs like tie’s, shirts and stationeries.

FreshUp anticipates the arrival of:

  • Male/Female business travelers
  • Backpackers/Tourists
  • Pilgrim travellers
  • People on the go
  • Road-bound travellers
  • Same day returning businessmen
  • Corporate travellers
  • Relatives of patients in hospitals
  • Shoppers – from nearby towns
  • Young travellers
  • And our most esteemed guest- YOU

FreshUp offers multiple booking options. You can book via our website, or by directly calling us at 09551677720



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