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Go fashionable with Liberent.com - the luxury fashion rental

 8 years ago    

Do you wish you just had that one perfect outfit that would perfectly match the occasion? Or do you regret not buying that one dress which you badly want today, because you just don’t seem to have the right dress? Well, well – this is a universal problem for women. Though our cupboards are full of dresses of every kind and occasion, we still crave for that “one extra” outfit that we dint’ buy.

And not to mention the eternal desire for  having designer clothes in our wardrobe in a number that we never feel a need to go shopping again. (Well, which is not going to happen anytime soon in like a century !) Everytime I fall in love with a designer dress I silently peek into my wallet and tell myself “you can claim your love next time”.

Designer clothes have been and will be the most exciting thing a girl can have. But, not all of us want to spend so much money on a single dress for one time use. For all such women out there, Liberent is the perfect solution for luxury fashion rental. This is one unique firm that allows you to ‘rent’ top designer wears for as many days as you want. Cool, isn’t it?



“Women have this “I have nothing to wear” syndrome. I’ve done it, I’ve seen my mom do it and my friends at hostel do it. We all sit in front of fully filled closets and whine we have nothing to wear. And who likes to repeat clothes? Solution, instead of buying and being stuck with what we don’t like why don’t we just rent and try every new thing?” says the proud founder of this firm.

Sahyujyah Shrinivas, founder of Liberent.com is a Metallurgical engineer by qualification and is an ex-operations manager in Tata Steel, Jamshedpur and Orissa by experience. “It was basically passion for entrepreneurship. Being 22, it made sense for me to start something in fashion and for women, where I would understand the market. Plus, if you see now the trend is moving towards pay per use model and sharing economy. Be it Air BnB or Uber, they created disruptions in their markets and next in lifestyle industry to get into this model, would have to be fashion, that is the future. We have also launched the peer to peer model now, which is good because the resources can now be put into optimal resources. Hence was born LibeRent- Liberation+ Rent, because rent gives you freedom, freedom of choice.” Says Sahujyah, when asked about the birth of this unique concept.

How the renting works?

The firm aims at keeping the renting process simple. It can be summed up in 3 simple steps –

  • Select your dress and date on which you want the dress
  • The dress will be delivered to you one day before
  • It will be picked up the team the immediate next day

All the dresses are delivered straight from the hygiene laundry of Liberent, neatly dry cleaned and ironed. Also, when you are selecting your size and do not find an exact match, the expert team of this firm offers to provide you custom made fitting, which comes with an extra cost.

On this website you can find desginers from Armani to Diane Von, to ASOS, DKNY, Veramoda, AND, River Island, Elle etc. the rental prices begin from as low as Rs.350 per day and go up to Rs.2500 as well depending on the dress and brand. They give their customers free pickups and free deliveries, so you just have to pay for the rent. The team has an option for expert repairs on the spot if needed.

“We launched on 11th June with 800 sign-ups from Hyderabad and have got lot of requests from other cities as well. We will be soon expanding our product categories, launch Rent, the Look and expand pan-India. We are also now going to focus on peer to peer more and if any of you got all those designer wear you got bored of lying around your closet, you can make them earn some bucks for you now.” Says the founder when talking about future plans.

Apart from just taking on rent, you can also give out your clothes for rent. “We will call you, fix a time come inspect and pick up your dress and give you a commission on each rental of your dress. You can take it back anytime you want and we will come drop it at your place. When we pick up your dress you will get a coupon worth Rs.2000 as Liberent money” mentions the team. Every time your dress is rented out, you get a commission for it.

So, what are you waiting for? Say yes to all party invitations because you no more have to worry about not having the right dress.

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