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Highlights of Hyderabad Instagrammers Meet 2.0

 6 years ago    


Long back, when this movie called Aparichitudu hit the screens of film Industry people got to know about “Multiple Personality Disorder”- The same person with different personalities. But each one of us whether we agree or not will have that one more version within us, well not necessarily as a disorder but as something that brings order to our lives. Being fed up with the repetitive tasks of daily jobs and handling hectic clients in business meets we always want to get away from that rush of life to do something else where we truly discover ourselves, as a person despite our profession.That is what everyone here at the Instagrammers meet call as the version 2.0 of their own self.

HYDInstaMeet is the place where all these passionate Instagrammers chose to keep their passions live and shared their stories of becoming successful as social influencers and how they were able to make it to that point.The Event was hosted by a Product based company “Service Now” and it started around 2 PM with welcoming goodies and it went on with a series of Peptalks from the successful Instagrammers of Hyderabad.

The First Speaker of the Day is a famous doodler for the daily Instagrammers, Mr. Rohit Soni (@ Authentic_RohitSoni ) who made it to the news with his live doodling at a workshop where he doodled the whole speech of Mr.Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft) on a board. He says  “ You don’t have to be talented to be creative”.He also live doodled the whole event of HydInstaMeet and the picture says it all!!


The Next Speaker kamana Gautam (@mycocktail_life)  turned on to the stage comfortably carrying a baby in a cloth slin.Eventhough she started her speech saying that she is not a professional speaker, she stood as the ultimate one to outstand all the speeches of the meet. While emphasizing on the issue of breastfeeding and its acceptance in public, she said that she is not a woman who wants to nourish her child in a washroom space.From the stretch marks of a baby bump to the right of feeding a hungry child in public, she spoke about everything with such an ease that you will fall in love with her motherly instinct.


And it went on with an amazing humorous speech given my Mr Arvind Ramachander  (@sooperclicks),  a Wedding and street Photographer who explained his tale from renting a camera in college days to the day of receiving a DSLR  as a gift from 60 members. His love for light and capturing moments that brings a smile when you look back at them is what keeps him going as he says.


The next couple of speakers include Ms.Shravya Varma (@Shravyavarma), a designer and stylist by profession who took the opportunity to explain how things started to work for her when she started to express herself on Instagram with the help of her sister.She is a real killer when it comes to mocking down all those sarcastic comments for her posts and as she says she doesn’t give others a chance to defame her or her work at any point in time.


Who don’t love food and travel!? But we don’t get time to take it full time but it’s not the case with  Aashritha (@infinity platters). She says after discovering the feeling of satisfaction and inspiration at the same moment, she never wanted to go for an ordinary life again. She says that the real happiness doesn’t lie in making goodies but its when the people can’t resist on asking for one more bite and she quotes  “If you follow your bliss the world will open doors for you”.Aashritha along with Vishal Fernandes(@thefernandist ), a famous food blogger hosted a food blogging workshop at the event and explained how to make a good instalive story.Vishal is very good at making instastories about food and travel and he explained the same in detail about making one with all the tools available in the Instagram like Boomerang, SuperZoom, Rewind and highlight each step by adding polls, stickers, and location.


When we say that Instagram is for the young people and millennials, Here she is Mrs.Gowri Abhiram Krishna (@gowriabhiram) to prove us wrong!! another wonderful speaker.She explained how she discovered and got benefitted by social media.She is the one who proved the crowd that “Age is just a number!!”


Her speech was followed by a mob dance by Hy Dance Studios (@Hydance.in) a dance school in Hyderabad and food lounge by different food bloggers and Instagrammers with delicious cupcakes.

The last speaker and also the prime speaker of the day is the Sucheta Pal (@SuchetaPal) a Zumba Global Brand Ambassador and a lead  Zumba Education Specialist who received an award from the Hon’ble President of India and got felicitated for being one of those “First Ladies” who achieved milestones in their chosen fields. She also explained how being a social media influencer, she was able to bring the change she wants in the people and their perceptions and get things done whether its charity or elevating her profile to make the next big deals. She energized the crowd with her Zumba moves and made the crowd step along with her. Her energy levels are like awesome!!


Also, there is a part of this event where people came and pitched their Instagram accounts and the winners were announced on the basis of the perfect pitch with good Insta feed.


On the whole, it’s a great event. And if you miss this time, don’t worry wait for the next event by Hydinstameet (@Hydinstameet) and keep influencing others with your Instagram posts. Who knows!? you can be the next speaker on stage. It would be a great sin if I forget to mention the team of Mr. Sugandh Rakha(@sugandh.rakha) with his partner in crime Taskeen Fatima Basha (@theurbanfight)  and their team Afrein Nasir( @bolo_chai) , Shyam (@naavigo) ,Vishal Fernandes (@ Thefernandist) and the supporting volunteers : Naveen, Swaroop, Kavya, Akanksha, Amita, Brahmani, Shubham,Dheeraj and Ravi without whom the whole event might not be possible.That’s a great effort as a team, keep going!!

As media partners of this event ,StartupHyderabad (@startuphyderabad) congratulates each one of you for hosting such an amazing event.

For more pics look for #HydinstaMeet



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