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Hitech crackers: Shop for Diwali crackers online

 8 years ago    

Every year Diwali is celebrated with huge huge pomp and grandeur throughout India. A lot of people I know from abroad ale sure they fly back home to celebrate this joy with their families and friends.

For entrepreneurs, the Diwali time can prove to be quite hectic with cleaning up of offices and homes, making arrangements for the puja ,  and not to mention the never ending   shopping of clothes, gifts and of course, the CRACKERS!!  All thanks to Hitech Crackers, this Diwali shopping for crackers is made a lot simpler and easier. Don’t we Hyderabadis simply love everything that makes our life  lazier 😉


Hitech Crackers is a leading one stop online shop for Diwali Crackers in the city.  They have a huge variety of crackers from Standard firewroks and have various payment options ranging from Cash On delivery to online payment and ensure that customers have a complete hassle-free experience.  They offer a wide range of products from all categories and offer some amazing deals. Their offerings include not just the regular ones like Sparklers and flower Pots, but also fancy ones like Multi Color Sky Shots and Comets.  They also have some irrestible combo deals and also offer free home delivery of Diwali crackers for all the products with best prices offered.

The pioneers behind this amazingly website are Vishwajeeth Vangala, Vishnuvardhan Vangala, and Naveen Vadapally and are part of the Vishnu Resellers group. They are the team behind the operations of this website and this is how Vishwajeet got the whole idea of this startup –

“Like all the other youngsters with loads of excitement and enthusiasm, we waited for the most awaited festival , Diwali during 2013. As usual, I was given 500 bucks by my Dad, who wanted me to get lump sum crackers to enjoy for the whole night. I ran to the ground where all the Diwali crackers stalls were installed. I returned home with crackers filled in a 1 Kg polythene and felt very disappointed.  I took another 500 bucks to get few more crackers but I went to another shop, where I got crackers that filled a 5kg polythene. I was amazed and this made me analyse to what extent cracker dealers are filling their pockets. I started digging more into the pricing part and learnt that the manufacturing cost and selling costs are hugely disproportionate and customers are at the mercy of the pricing the shop sellers quote. All this makes it so difficult for a middle class family to enjoy Diwali with the retail pricing of Diwali crackers.”

This experience had lead to an urge in Vishwajeet to start Hitec Crackers and offer crackers at the best retail prices possible and make the Diwali experience affordable to people. He teamed with his best friends VishnuVardhan and Naveen and started in August 2014. They started offering online purchase and delivery service in 3 cities; Hyderabad, Warangal and Karimnagar.

“We launched our website in September 2014, tried social media and several other marketing techniques, but were very disappointed with the response.  We offered the maximum discount holding only 5% to cover maintenance and operations . Still, people didn’t care. We realized, this may not work out. Then we thought, why not do something useful to the society along with running a business. We came up with two initiatives for a greener nation and a social cause.  We donate a part of the order amount to charity on the customer’s  behalf and plant a tree on behalf of them for every order we receive. One week before the festive day, we received our first order and made us jump in air with happiness and we felt so proud to serve the customers using our own brand name. Our beloved customers didn’t leave us disappointed.” quotes Vishwajeet.

And since then there was no looking back for these youngsters.

The team aims to expand the delivery limits from 3 districts to 10 districts in the next 2 years. They want to earn enough to be able to adopt and help  a few villages in the next 3 years. They strive to provide free education to the poor in rural areas from 2016.

“As promised on our website , we have planted trees and donated amount to CM relief fund for the Vizag Hud-Hud victims. This year, i.e., Diwali 2015 gives us new hopes and new thoughts. We are back with the same initiatives and the enthusiasm to serve our customers. This year w e forecast  big numbers in terms of revenues, SEO rankings, Alexa Rankings, customers and  everything else. “ chips in Naveen, one of the CoFounders at  Hitech crackers.

So, this Diwali, while you burst crackers, allow the team of Hitech crackers to plant a tree on your behalf by shopping online with them. Don’t just save your time and money but also contribute towards the environment and nation.





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  • Ruchika Agarwal

  • Ramesh Loganathan

  • Nikita Kiran

  • Ayyappa Nagubandi

  • Ayushi Pandey

  • Harshita Goel

  • Chandra Mouli Koduri

  • Arpita Soma

  • Maddy Anand

  • Ankur Mehta

  • Varun Rastogi

  • Srinivas Aki

  • Monika Guwalani

  • Rahul Das

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  • Nischala Agnihotri

  • Sameeksha Bansal

  • Sreekar Reddy

  • Divya Jyothi

  • Vineel Reddy Pindi

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  • Priyanka Mechineni

  • Sravya Gowrisetty

  • Sruthi Malla

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  • Vana Korrapati

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