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Importance of SEO For B2B Companies And Best Practices

 7 years ago    

seo for b2b companiesCompanies are investing a lot of money on SEO and PPC campaigns to popularize their websites and boost their sales. It’s tough to predict SEO results for the upcoming year. The SEO strategies and related technologies are changing frequently and we have to act accordingly to improve the site’s ranking. Google is updating its algorithm and releasing new platforms for listing. As a result, it is highly essential to change the website content as per Google’s policies in order to obtain good search positions.    

It is very critical to implement a set of best practices such as understanding the user behavior, AMP, mobile responsive sites, mobile apps, brand reputation, link building, and social media that will enhance our SEO strategies. B2B organizations can benefit a lot by following the correct SEO practices. A good SEO strategy not only builds valuable relationships but also increases leads.

Here are some best SEO best practices and tips for B2B companies to improve their search engine optimization efforts in 2017.

1. High-Quality Landing Pages

Landing pages will play a key role in increasing the organic traffic to the websites and gaining new leads. So it’s good to create well designed landing pages which improve conversions and leads. BuzzSumo can be taken as a good example when it comes to landing pages. By creating some high-quality landing pages, buzzsumo gathers a lot of shares on social media.

2. Usage of Schema Markup

Google is now focusing more on user intent and as a result there are several changes in search results. Major enterprises, SEO pros and local businesses are focusing more on Schema markup to show their business information and social profiles in the knowledge graph. New SEO practices such as Rich Snippets, Answer Boxes, AMP results, reviews, local businesses listings are picking up slowly momentum now.

It is well-known that “Google Quick Answers (or Answer Boxes) have grown from 22% in December 2014 to over 40% at the beginning of 2016”.

3. Mobile First Approach

Nowadays most websites are built with latest technologies and have responsive website design. Google is giving preference to mobile space as more and more people are accessing websites from mobile and tablets. So we have to consider certain design elements such as font size, navigation, site structure, multimedia content, conversion optimization and content load times. Mobile responsive sites are going to get huge traffic as Google is giving “Mobile friendly” tags to sites with good presentation on high end devices.  

4. Security for the Site

Websites with good security will gain the trust of visitors who did online transactions on their site and by which their rankings would be boosted in search engines. Converting to HTTPS will have temporary impact on the website traffic but providing good security for  can be a wise decision. Google started using HTTPS as a ranking parameter through which it gives high preference for https urls by indexing default.

5. Chatbots for SEO

Many companies and websites are using Chatbots for interacting with their visitors and employees. Chatbots are the best way to improve the overall user experience and engagement. Chatbots give ample opportunity to know the site audience better, and help in asking targeted questions.

6. Social Media Marketing

Social media optimization is playing a key role in increasing online reputation and brand exposure. Today, companies are effectively sharing their content in major social channels to get more traffic, backlinks, interaction audience, boost visibility and generate more leads.

7. Infographics

Infographics are the best way to get more organic traffic for the website. Organizations and consultancies are creating high quality and informative infographics on niche topics and promoting them in all social media channels, blogs, infographic sharing sites to get backlinks and organic search traffic. You can use infographics on SlideShare presentations, blog posts, social media graphics, etc.

8. Optimize for Site Speed

Site load time is playing a vital role in attracting users and getting more conversions. Google is focusing more on AMP pages and site speed as it would impact the site traffic, conversions and rankings. As a result, B2B organizations need to be more careful regarding their site loading speed. It is known that 50 percent of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less.


9. Local Business Listings

You can improve search visibility by doing local business listings which is one of the best ways to get leads, referral traffic, and backlinks. Google is now giving more importance to local results, so there is a need to constantly optimize and update the business listing with the latest information.

10. Accuracy in Google Analytics

Majority of the analytics reports deal with accuracy and accountability of reports. Today most of the marketers are still struggling to get required and actionable insights from the reports. Search Analysts and marketers have to change analytics settings such as

  • Deploying tag on site,
  • Blocking internal traffic,
  • Using utm codes for campaign tracking,
  • Connecting other data sources,
  • Creating goals
  • Enabling event tracking.

These are a few important SEO practices for B2B organizations you can use in 2017. If you are a B2B company looking for support with SEO and social media feel free to contact The SMarketers.  



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