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The India Game Developers Conference 2020 goes Virtual, with free access to all events, Opens on 17-20th November 2020

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The 12th edition of IGDC and its first-ever virtual conference to be streamed online has attracted a strong line-up of over 100 speakers across 8 major tracks, 50 exhibitors in the e-expo floor, and the popular Investor-Publisher Connect has attracted over 30 investors and publishers. The conference is also free to everyone, thanks to strong industry support, with Unreal Engine/ Epic games as presenting sponsors of IGDC 2020, along with MPL, Facebook, Google, Unity, Hyper Hippo, Gametion, Nazara, Lakshya, and Yesgnome.

The 12th Edition of India Game Developer Conference (IGDC) is here, a unique “for the industry, by the industry” event-driven entirely with volunteers from across the Indian games industry and with active support from companies in the ecosystem. The event which will be held online from 17th to 20th November 2020 across 4 virtual rooms, from 3pm onwards each day, will be a free-for-all to attend.

“Given the pandemic situation, IGDC decided to go with an ‘all-digital experience’. We also viewed this as an opportunity to attract an ever-wider audience who can attend this conference virtually, not just from India, but from all parts of the world, and thanks to the strong support we have received from industry sponsors, we have made access to this conference free for everyone. For a lot of aspiring game developers, this is a great way to participate without having to invest in travel and accommodation. We have a strong line-up of Indian and international speakers who are happy that they can be a part of IGDC virtually” Rajesh Rao, Convenor, IGDC 2020 said.

“Going virtual has created new pathways to access, network and connect with game dev community, discover great games being developed and played, benefit from having insight into running a successful game dev business, search for openings to build your game dev career, and applaud the accomplishments of games that disrupt the eco-system, most importantly, inspire and get inspired.“ he added.

This year’s 4-day virtual conference has attracted over 100 industry expert speakers across 8 major tracks, 50 exhibitors in the e-expo floor, 30 investors and publishers, and participation from several international delegations.

Some highlights from the speaker line-up include seasoned grandmasters like Ernest Adams providing a workshop on the “Fundamentals of Game Design,” to successful indie developers such as Arvi Teikari talking about their journey with the award-winning game, “Baba is You,”. The Art track has a workshop on character creation by Naresh Das, Art Director at EiTri Studio, and a VFX talk by Daniel Santalla. The Tech track features talks by Shawn Beck from Unity and Jason Davis from Backtrace. The Applied Games track features talks by Tsahi Liberman- Simpool. And Michelle Lee- Schmidt – IDEO. The Biz track features William Hughes- Tilting Point and Craig Chapple- Sensor Tower. Other speakers include Jon Hook – Boombit talking about publishing deals, Neale Hemrajani- Annapurna Interactive and well-known indie developer Rami Ismail.

IGDC will also host its popular, IGDC Investor-Publisher Connect 2020 which will be a virtual invite-only forum for investors and publishers to meet with companies bringing unprecedented innovation in the Indian gaming ecosystem, which has grown rapidly in the last one year. Over 30 investors and publishers have signed up for the event.

This year, the highly anticipated BYOG (Build Your Own Game) game jam that is held alongside IGDC was also held virtually, receiving 87 finished entries by the deadline, which was three times more than 2019. The number of participants also increased by about 50%, jumping from 200 in 2019 to 313 in 2020.

IGDC being India’s primary game industry conference, is the ‘must-attend’ event that draws people from across the games ecosystem in India and abroad. The conference continues to play a key role in developing the Indian Gaming ecosystem: from helping developers and industry aspirants gain valuable insights, meet with industry veterans and indie developers, to helping developers connect with publishers and investors that they otherwise may not have had access to. IGDC is also the best platform for international participants to learn what is happening in the Indian games market and to network with the who’s who of the Indian games Industry.

To check out the schedule of event to be held in 4 online rooms, speakers and other exciting events visit  Pls check the annexure for speakers and schedule of events

About IGDC: The India Game Developers Conference (IGDC) is India’s premier game developer’s conference. It is a ÃƒÂ¢Ã¢â€šÂ¬Ã…“for the industry, by the industry” event driven entirely with volunteers from across the Indian games industry and with active support from companies in the ecosystem. Now in its 12th year, IGDC is the biggest and the most significant developer conference in India and South Asia.

Media contact for IGDC 2020: Sheela Panicker | +91 98498 09594 |

Speakers List

·       Anthony Giovannetti, Co-founder @ MegaCrit Games

·       Ernest W. Adams, Ph.D. and Uppsala University employer

·       William Huges, VP of Creative @ Tilting Point

·       Rami Ismail, Independent games & Tool developer

·       Oscar Clark, Chief Strategy Officer at Fundamentally Games Ltd (Bringing Games To Live)

·       John Kelly, Director of Product at Wargaming

·       Shawn Beck, Field Engineer @ Unity Technologies

·       Craig Chapple, Mobile Insights Strategist @ Sensor Tower

·       Asi Burak, SVP Business Development, Tilting Point

·       Sam Fisher, President, Hyper Hippo

·       Tsahi Liberman, Head of Business Development & Marketing at Simpool

·       Jon Hook, VP Publishing at Boombit

·       Iniyan Vijay, Lakshya Digital

·       Naresh Ch Das, Founder & Art Director @ EiTri Studio

·       Karan Parikh, Founder @ Green Rain Studios

·       Karthik Padmanabhan, Developer Relations @ Google India

·       Rajan Navani, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, JetSynthesys

·       Anuj Tandon, CEO @ Yoozoo Games India

·       Neale Hemrajni, Producer / Executive at Annapurna Interactive

·       Sridhar Muppidi, CEO @ YesGnome

·       Rajesh Rao, Founder @ Dhruva Interactive, Convenor, IGDC

·       Manvendra Shukul, CEO, Lakshya Digital

·       Chirag Chopra, Founder, Lucid Labs

·       Nikhil Malankar, CEO, GameEon

·       Sharan Tulsiani, Business Development Manager, Google Play

·       Kashyap Reddy, Founder, Hitwicket

·       Shubh Malhotra, Co- Founder, Mobile Premier League (MPL)

·       Imtiaz Hussain, COO @ Yesgnome

·       Poornima Seetharaman, Lead Game Designer at Zynga

·       Sai Srinivas Kiran, Co- founder, Mobile Premier League (MPL)

·       Michelle Lee-Schmidt, Design for Play, Senior Portfolio Director at IDEO

·       Rick Davidson, Career Coach, Game Dev Mentor

·       Daniel Santalla, Independent

·       Arvi Teikari, Independent Developer



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  • Ruchika Agarwal

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  • Ayushi Pandey

  • Harshita Goel

  • Chandra Mouli Koduri

  • Arpita Soma

  • Maddy Anand

  • Ankur Mehta

  • Varun Rastogi

  • Srinivas Aki

  • Monika Guwalani

  • Rahul Das

  • Saritha Keshamoni

  • Nischala Agnihotri

  • Sameeksha Bansal

  • Sreekar Reddy

  • Divya Jyothi

  • Vineel Reddy Pindi

  • Vinita Surana

  • Priyanka Mechineni

  • Sravya Gowrisetty

  • Sruthi Malla

  • Anish Tadimarri

  • Tata Teja

  • Amita Sood

  • Ramya Sayaboni

  • Vana Korrapati

  • Surya Vallae

  • Ambika Asta

  • Madhureema RoyMoulik

  • Gunajit Haloi

  • Bhavitaavya Dharanikota

  • GR Reddy

  • Manoj Surya

  • Shravani Maddirala

  • Ravi Vaka

  • Rituka M

  • Nethrikaa Greeshma

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