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Brand Identity Of The Hyderabad Start-Up Ecosystem by TSICI

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What is it about?

Hyderabad is a city of immense growth and possibilities. An example true to this statement is the Hyderabad Start-up Ecosystem and the journey of its evolution over the years. While Start-up culture in the city is at an all-time high, those outside of its boundaries know next to little about it. Most specifically, venture capitalists, angel investors, ecosystem builders and other Start-ups from outside Hyderabad.

Our brief arises with the need for awareness, the need for this untold story to be shared among the rest of the Indian masses. The Government of Telangana, through the Telangana State Innovation Cell, want to kick-start an initiative to make this possible right away.

The idea is to create a report of the city’s Start-up landscape, interlinking it with a glimpse of the Hyderabadi lifestyle and culture to show the best of it has to offer to external investors, fellow Start-ups and other players and pull them into its midst.

What do you need to do? 

While the goal is to create a tell-all report, our super forward-thinking government doesn’t want it to look and feel like one. They want a reader to experience the entire essence of the city while reading the report. In short, this report has to be super entertaining and un-report like in how the existing information is portrayed to a user. While the material and contents of the report will be provided, points will be given for creative representation and strong visual balance and composition of the given information.

So this is a call for inquiries for all you amazing designers and creative thinking experts out there. To contribute in creating this 50-page masterpiece of an user-experience manual of the city and its Start-up as well as other trending cultures.

Hyderabad Start-Up Ecosystem

What does it involve?

Interested participants can send in the following details to or :

Reasons for participation
Relevant Design/ Technical Skills

Participation is free. Applications will be reviewed and a phone call stating further details will be made to qualifying participants. For further details and enquires, however, contact 9346103050.

The competition will commence on the 23rd of June at 4:00 PM and will end once the 24 hours are up. That is on the 24th of June at 4:00 PM. Participants will need to work overnight to finish the conceptual as well as a preliminary draft presentation of the report.

While all participants need to apply as individuals, once they have qualified and entered the competition, they can team up with others or work individually to complete the assigned task. The participants in a group cannot exceed more than 3 members.

Everybody needs to congregate on the 23rd of June at 3:00 PM sharp in the Co-working Space at Jxtapose, an art and design hub located in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. After an orientation, the competition will kick-off at 4:00 PM dot. There will be timely breaks and well-deserved entertainment provided within the duration of the competition to keep all the participants pumped up.

Towards the end of the 24-hour mark, a jury will be held where all the entries will be displayed and discussed. Results will be announced within a couple of days after.

What do you get?

The best entry developed within the 24 hours will be awarded with official certification and recognized by the Government of Telangana. The winning entry will then move on towards completion and the winning participant/s will get a chance to work with the state’s design team to see the final report come to life. And of course, there’s the obvious benefit of adding this fun but prestigious project to your portfolio.

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Saritha Keshamoni

Foodie, Hyderabadi, Music lover,Designer by Interest, s/w Engineer by Profession, Entrepreneur in Making, Cricket buff, Telanganite


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