ENDEAVOUR 2K18 - An upcoming E-Summit by KIET
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ENDEAVOUR 2K18 – An upcoming E-Summit by KIET

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Team e-Cell KIET gladly reports its prospective occasion the fourth season of its entrepreneurial fest ENDEAVOUR’18_E-Summit, the Entrepreneurial Summit, for the very first time in the history of AKTU, for those entire group of enthusiast waiting to unveil their mystic talents. This time KIET is back with more thrills, more exuberance and something unique. This time students would unveil their talent in entrepreneurial culture and learn from the experiences of our eminent speakers from all over the world.

The Summit revolves around the world of start-ups, businesses across the world and lives of the entrepreneurs. If you too want to explore yourself and live the real scenario of an entrepreneur be a part of our event on 17th and 18th March, 2018. In order to bring out the best in you we are organizing eight business events namely B-plan, Bid it, B-Noesis, Maestro, Dropout, Art of Conquest, Start-up Challenge and Your Story  and a techno-entrepreneurial event Hackathon’18.

It gives us immense pleasure to have The Startup League as one of our sponsors. It is a pan-India event organized by MillionMinds under the support of Startup India and other supporting bodies, providing a platform for aspiring student entrepreneurs to showcase their startup ideas. Over a time of 10 months, in 40 have urban communities the nation over, with support of understudies from 400+ universities, the occasion hopes to pull in the brightest personalities, so that the best ideas get the apt direction and sufficient assets.

Moving over our Summit, B-plan is an event wherein the students will get a platform for showcasing their business plans in front of the judges. Moreover, for the benefit of the participants we are having ‘Investors’ as our judges for this event so that they may invest in the ideas of the budding entrepreneurs then and there if they wish to!

B-Noesis is another event for all the business maniacs for brushing up their memorizing power. Bid it is an event for the ones who master in cricket would love to auction for players of the team. Maestro is an event for the individuals who aim to stand out from the crowd and frame a personality of their own. In this event, managerial skills, as well as opportunity grabbing skills of the participants, will be judged. Dropout is an event for the ones who aim to run a failed startup and make it a win this time. The participants will be given a failed startup by our end and they will have to work on it. Art of Conquest is another event for the ones who are interested in being an Emperor of a kingdom and enhancing their instant decision-making skills by saving their kingdom from different situations. Start-up Challenge is one more event for the opportunists who want to promulgate their talent in the field of entrepreneurship and experience the real-life scenarios of a start-up. Your Story is an event for all those photographers out there who will have to make an after movie of our Summit or capture photos of the Summit and be a part of our event. Last but not the least, Hackathon is an event for all those techno-entrepreneurs who want to demonstrate their coding skills.

For further details go through the following links:

Website: www.endeavourkiet.in

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/kietecell/?hl=en

Twitter :https://twitter.com/KietEcell

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/e-cell-kiet/



Prince Verma : 9044872861

Akansha  Pandey: 7465993073



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