Hosting and Domain Conference 2018


hosting and domain conference

Hosting and Domain Conference is the world’s latest happenings in the field of web technologies.It’s a one-day event hosting 2000 delegates along with 30 speakers to discuss on Hosting, Domain, Blogging and Web Technologies.


  1. HDC is one of its kind events and World’s top initiative to discuss on domains, hosting and blogging.
  2. It is a global conference attracting delegates from all over the globe.
  3. Panel discussions & sharing views and tips by industry experts.
  4. Open for connections & Business networking opportunities.

And above all the most exciting part of the facility is to find the like-minded people and get in touch with various service providers.Meet the technology enthusiasts, domainers, bloggers, hosting companies, registrars and the wide range of service/products.And if you are new on this field get a chance to introduce your product to the other side of the world through customised stalls at the conference venue.

Ticket pricing is based on your requirement and the purpose of your visit.

For registering for this event, Click here and read 7 REASONS WHY YOU MUST ATTEND HDCON HERE