10 reasons Why You Should Apply for Startup Leadership Program
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10 reasons Why You Should Apply for Startup Leadership Program Now!

 10 years ago    

(Apply here to be an SLP fellow of 2019-20)

“The Startup Leadership Program or SLP is a highly selective, 80-hour, 6-month world-class training program and lifetime network for outstanding founders and innovators.”

For me SLP is like a playground for current and future CEOs, a coveted alumni network that I am proud to be a part of and a startup ‘finishing’ school that brings the best out of you.
The Hyderabad chapter has classes on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays and initially I was apprehensive if I would be able to devote that kind of time. I was surprised that I was actually looking forward to these sessions. SLP, in our founder Anupendra Sharma’s words, “ SLP is a bit like Hotel California…you can get in any time you want but you never (want to) leave.”

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My take on why you should be a part of SLP.

1) SLP evaluates you, not your ideas!
This was what that had impressed me when I was first deliberating on applying to SLP. I once heard somewhere that ideas are like buses. If one leaves, you can still catch the other. So it is the ‘people’ that makes the difference to the idea and I would, any day, prefer to be among a class full of exceptional people than great ideas.

2) Diversity
Our class had a diverse mix of students ranging from 22 years to 40+ years. The youngest member started straight out of college and was in the tech space, while the oldest came with an experience spanning 20+ years, more than 3 MNCs and several countries, and was involved in media and marketing. There were technologists, marketers, financial analysts, entrepreneurs from the services industry. If this is the kind of diversity that one chapter could bring, just imagine the diversity that exists through the entire SLP network!

3) Tereko Jaya Aunty maloom? Lalloo Uncle maloom?
Network! I have met so many new people and heard new ideas during SLP. Apart from the loads of learning that I could take away from SLP, one of the best things is the network I could create while being a part of SLP. I not only had access to the network of fellow SLP had created but theirs too! I know that any time I need any resource they are just a text away. Cold calling is passé. Making connections is in vogue. We have a whatsapp group that buzzes with enquiries not just for startup resources but for auto trolleys and DTP places too 😉

4) One biiiiiig global community
At SLP, you are part of a group of 1000+ members from across 26 cities and 11 countries; one big community of knowledge, skills, experience, CEOs and future CEOs. Networking is not just running into people at events and shooting out ‘nice to meet you’ emails, it’s about relationships and relating to them. SLP, just like the strong alumni network of any alma mater, works hard to nurture and develop the community to have access to unlimited opportunities.

5) “You will never walk alone”
The job of a startup founder is very difficult and often, lonely. You are not the only one with THAT problem. You are not the only one who has to face THAT daunting task. You are among a group of people who share similar goals, experience and challenges and you have access to first-hand information and advice all the time. Can you imagine what’s going to happen when you are with a group of friends with similar interests and challenges in life? It’s going to be a super fun ride all along!

6) Reflect and reinvent thyself
Sometimes we are so lost in fighting so many battles at work that we can think creatively only when we are away from the mundane day-to-day tasks. To grow as an individual or to grow your business one needs to constantly reassess, rework and reinvent. SLP was a great opportunity for me to sort through the daily challenges, explore what I wanted to do not just for myself, but for my small business as well.

7) Different people, different perspectives 
When you are in a group of people speaking about the challenges they are trying to overcome or the strategies they adopted, there is every possibility that you can relate to it and find solutions to your problems. Often, during the SLP sessions, I found solutions to my problems when someone else was discussing theirs and the team were sharing their insights. I have had my ‘eureka’ moments and I am sure you will have yours too!

8) A great matchmaking platform 
Yes, SLP is a great matchmaking platform. I don’t know if you can find your soulmate but the chances that you might find your co-founder, mentor or potential investor are very bright. You spend so much time and work so closely with the SPL members, that you actually ‘test drive’ your potential co-founder and understand how much value each of you can bring to the idea/company. Two new startups took off from our class even before we graduated and they have been doing some amazing work.

9) Parties! 
We have had some amazing parties at SLP; the New year’s bash, Graduation party, poker nights and not to forget the ‘social entrepreneurship’ sessions at Extreme. These parties were a great way to unwind and bond with the team.

10) It’s the right thing to do
Every time the entire class catches up there is something that I can take away from that interaction. Apart from the network, learning, resources, inspiration and loads of advice that is available, it makes you question how willing are you to move out of your boundaries and stretch professionally. In short, SLP is all about what you can make out of it.

Apply here to be an SLP fellow of 2019-20 .

Arpita Soma is the co-founder and Head of Corporate Relations at Yo!Grad. Previously InternFever, Yo!Grad is a platform for students to explore, experience and enhance their skills. You can also check out her personal blog : http://myapplemartini.blogspot.in



Arpita is a huslter at Yograd.com , an avid reader and a social media enthusiast. She is very passionate about making graduates more 'employable' and women ' empowered'. When she gets some time off her startup, she is busy working on ticking off things from her bucket list . She also loves to write and blogs at www.myapplemartini.blogspot.in


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