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The future of virtual reality and gaming

 4 years ago    

The current generation of virtual reality created a successful wave of consoles and games where previous generations could not. Society had finally caught up to technology, and people were ready for a new wave of gaming that was more immersive than traditional fare.

Currently, all of the big guns are in the VR market for gaming — Facebook, HTC, Sony, Google, Samsung and Microsoft. There are dozens of little players as well, all vying for a spot in a growing industry that is sure to continue its ascent as long as gamers crave for something new. Here are a few of the most important points to know about virtual reality and gaming as it stands today.

VR Gaming

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Once you have read about the future of VR, watch it in action in its current form. Of course, you need to read on to find out exactly what you will be experiencing, but circle back around once you are done. 

Catering to All Senses

Previous generations of virtual reality were only focused on the visual and audial senses. Technology had not advanced enough to include more immersive, biological aspects of an environment like temperature, fatigue, smell and other sense based metrics. This generation, however, can do all of that and more. Virtual reality will be a lot less virtual and a whole lot more reality, especially as producers figure out how to simulate these senses in a realistic way. People are going to feel VR, not just see it.

Distinct Genres

Gamers will be able to pick between different games in their preferred genres as the VR gaming world moves on. One of the most important and fast growing segments of genres is casino gaming. Although established brands such as Casumo online casino do not currently offer VR enabled games, it’s certainly something to look out for in the future. This opens up the market to the world, and the biggest players in the game are taking full advantage.

Better Games

For those who remember the Virtual Boy, they also remember that the games were not very good. It was more of an experiment, and the games looked and felt like it. This generation of games, however, is taking gameplay to an entirely new level. The games of today look better than they ever have, and they can take on even more features as the hardware advances.

Other genres that are finding big audiences worldwide include horror games and strategy games. All of these games rely on creating a believable, realistic environment that can handle social interactions as well as routine gameplay. Gambling is an especially good opportunity for these kinds of games, because they can build really intense, personalized experiences based on the perspective of the person who is playing. Every game is different, because every perspective is different. Multiplayer VR and MassVR are set to be two of the biggest forms of VR gaming in the future, especially as the world becomes more connected through the miracle of 5G.

The world can expect many innovations to come from the world of gaming with implications outside of gaming. Some experts are even saying that the VR revolution is already expanding outside of the realm of gaming, but that is looking at the revolution from an unrealistic standpoint. Innovation needs money in order to build on itself, and nothing – absolutely nothing – has been more popular than the advent of VR games for the VR industry. Moving forward, we can likely expect more innovations as more and more people become aware of and addicted to the great new games that will be coming out. After that, the sky’s the limit.



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