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Telangana Govt. Announces IT Policies, 2016.

 8 years ago    

With the IT & startup industries going a notch higher, Hyderabad is earning the capital status for startups and the Information Technology sector in India. After the remarkable response received upon the launch of T-Hub, which is proving to be India’s largest technology incubator, the growth is overwhelming and the quest for constant innovation is always on the rise. This was the year of opportunities as the Government of Telangana stepped forward introducing few policies that could not only change the ecosystem of Hyderabad’s finest Information Technology but also give birth to more innovation in design, animation, electronics & rural technology, to name a mouthful.


Let’s dive-in and see what’s in the store for us:

Innovation Policy: Innovation is the hallmark of entrepreneurship and the stepping stone to all creations. Keeping this in mind the Government of Telangana wants to tap into the best by providing a flexible policy under innovation. Telengana has been the hotbed for technology innovation and owning the rapid growth of the IT sector, with such leverage in hand the government’s approach to the policy will be focused around a few key sectors as of now. The key focus area includes coming fields such as IoT, Health-Tech, Sustainability, Fin-Tech, to name a few.

The innovation policy of the Government of Telangana is based around five broad pillars:

  • Developing physical infrastructure & program management capabilities
  • Focus on creating sustainable funding models, through funds and other instruments
  • Develop human capital , by creating the right environment and support systems for learning, experimentation and innovation from the early phases of education
  • Proactive engagement with industry to continuously promote and identify innovation  Encourage startups in the Rural and Social Enterprise space by providing additional incentives

Read more about the Innovation Policy here

Electronics Policy: Electronics manufacturing industry is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world with the estimated current industry at USD 1.9 trillion. Similarly, India is a major contributor in this sector with the demand being as high as USD 100 billion in 2014-15 with an expectation to hit USD 400 billion mark by 2020.

The Government of Telangana aims at making the state as one of the ideal destination by creating a flexible and sustainable ecosystem. The state aims to achieve this through:

  • Development of dedicated EMCs and quality infrastructure
  • Encouraging Electronic System Design & Manufacturing companies by ensuring end-to-end supply chain for all sub sectors
  • Human Resources development
  • Promote R&D, create an ecosystem for innovation and startups

Find out more on Electronics Policy here

Animation Policy: Gaming VFX, Animation, Entertainment & their other allies are emerging as the top players in the ICT sector and they are believed to have a significant hold in the ICT & Entertainment Industry in the coming years. India is now seen as a leading destination for high-end skill based activities and according to NASSCOM, India’s animation industry is set to float at a compound annual growth rate of 22% while gaming industries is at a whopping forty nine percent.

The animation industry is large and they are divided in segments such as Animation Entertainment, Online, Mobile, PC Games & Consoles. The highlights were:

  • To make Hyderabad as the center destination for investment in Animation, Visual effects, Gaming & Comics sector
  • Recognize, encourage and create employment in the Animation industry
  • Attract global majors and bring in R&D companies in gaming and animation
  • Bridge the demand and supply gap of human resource through various skill development programmes
  • Set up a “Center of Excellence” i.e., Telangana Animation and Gaming – IMAGE City, with state-of-the-art facilities to act as a catalyst for the Animation, Visual effects, Gaming & Comics sector.

Read more about Animation Policy here


IMAGE Policy: Telangana is not just the leading IT hubs in the country but it also boasts a rich cultural heritage in the areas of art, music, cinema, dance and comics. However, this sector faces numerous challenges such as shortage of talented professionals, piracy, lack of Indian focused games, funding, etc. To overcome these challenges, and develop Telangana as the next trending destination, the state is setting up a facility that caters to Business in Animation.

Telangana Animation and Gaming (IMAGE) City will be set up in RR District Hyderabad in an appropriate extent of land by Government through Telangana Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (TSIIC). The Telangana Animation and Gaming IMAGE City will be a world class facility that will provide an ideal environment for Businesses in Animation, Visual effects, Gaming & Comics Industry. A few highlights to be noted were:

  • Provision of infrastructure
  • Setting up of IMAGE City
  • Allotment of government land
  • Setting up training facilities
  • Dedicated incubator AVCGI
  • Promote local content through reservation of air time
  • Fiscal Incentives

Find out more on IMAGE Policy here

Rural Technology Centers Policy: The Information Technology contributes about 10% of the country’s GDP and provides employment to over 3.5 million professionals, of which a majority of them come from rural areas of the country. Recognizing the importance of abundant talent in the rural areas, the Government of Telangana aims to develop the rural areas of the state into emerging Technology Centres, which in turn aid wealth and job creation.

Accordingly, the Government has identified the following goals that it would like to achieve in the coming years:

  • Develop one Rural Technology Center in each of the 10 districts of the state
  • Provide employment to at least 2,500  people through Rural Technology Centers
  • Train 10,000 rural youth through TASK with the skills required by Rural Technology Centres

Read more about Rural Technology Center Policy here

ICT Policy: The ICT policy focuses on the expansion of IT and ITES units with a revamped framework providing congenial industrial friendly climate for IT companies to locate, grow and sustain their operations most competitively in a hassle-free environment.

In order to attain this growth for the IT industry, the Government chalked down the key focus areas for the expansion of IT/ITES in the state:

  • Attract investments for infrastructure
  • Promote the IT industry in Tier II cities
  • Encourage innovation in disruptive technologies
  • Promote entrepreneurship
  • Encourage R&D
  • Enable the existing SMEs to grow to the next level

Find out more about the ICT Policy here






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