4 roles every entrepreneur MUST learn to play

captureBelieve it or not – being a founder is a tough task. You have to think about every small and big thing, you have to please every stakeholder and be a part of every important and not – so – important meetings. As an entrepreneur you need to have knowledge in various spheres apart from your core – strategic play!

At different levels and depending on situations, you need to put on various hats and play different roles – either to meet the requirements or to support your stakeholders. Here are the 4 most important roles that you will play very frequently in the journey of entrepreneurship –

#1: The technical team member

Dealing with technology can be a daunting task. If you plan to hire a techie to help you with your technology related stuff, you still might have to sit with him/her to make them understand what you want and work with them at different stages.

#2: The sales person

Oh yes! Till your startup product or service is known to most of the people, you will be the spokesperson and sole sales person of your brand and idea. You have to sell it to various people including – investors, customers, prospect employees, government and competitors. Wherever you go, you need to be on your toe to sell your vision to anyone who is interested or who seems like a prospect.

#3: The finance planner

You know how much investment you have, and where to put in what amount of money. As the parent of the idea, you know the accounts of every penny. Till you reach a point, where you feel you need to appoint a CA or finance planner, you are the accountant, book – keeper, finance planner of your startup. When you play this role, you will have the responsibility to sell this to your prospect investors as well. You will have to convince them with the fact that your finances are well planned and you know how much to spend, where to spend and when to spend!

#4: The Chief Executive Officer

This is the combined role where you are the voice of your idea and startup. While you play this role, you might face critical questions including, “How much money do you need to achieve the goals you have set? Do you have the right set of skills and talent to achieve success? What are your short term and long term plans?” As the CEO, you will have to play the strategic and operation role – both simultaneously.

Not all founders remain CEOs, but odds are, you’ll be your company’s first. It is the most crucial role you will play as the company grows and evolves from just an idea to a complex organization.

The best tip – don’t mix up roles. Apart from the above mentioned 4 roles, you might find yourself in various other shoes as well, but the above 4 are the most common, which you just cannot skip!Play each role differently and give it full justice, that’s when you will succeed in each job that you play, and that’s when you will be able to master your idea and make it a huge success. All the best!