Call for AgriTech and FoodTech startups to participate in the ‘Future Food Asia Award 2017’

logoStartups across sectors are booming. When we say ‘across sectors’ we literally mean it! The food tech startups and new firms in the arena of AgriTech are making it really big. With 4.5bn people in a fragmented region, Asia – Pacific (APAC) needs a more developed innovation ecosystem to address local challenges, such as its lower per capita GDP, vastly varying geographies, and evolving food consumption patterns. To make this growth bigger and better than ever before, ID Capital Pte Ltd has come up with one of its kind – ‘Future Food Asia Awards’.

About the event:

Future Food Asia is the first-of-its-kind platform for Agtech and Foodtech innovations in APAC. In partnership with multinationals, government organizations, startups and research teams, they are building an integrated innovation network. In continuation, the organizers are looking for agile startups to innovate and disrupt the food value chain.

ID Capital is an investment and consulting boutique firm founded by Isabelle Decitre and headquartered in Singapore. Over the course of the last two years, ID Capital has screened and sourced 100 Agritech/Foodtech deals and has been actively involved in the closing of two Venture Capital investments in this sector.

Who can participate?

If your startup fulfills the below crietrias, be a part of these awards TODAY!

  • Technology beyond proof-of-concept
  • Raised approximately USD 250 K in seed capital
  • Team has good English proficiency
  • Operations exist in Asia Pacific
  • Business falls within FFAA’s sector categories

Why to participate?

By being a part of this unique awards event, you will get –

  • To meet financial and impact investors: Have access to a qualified deal flow of startups. Understand agri-foodtech investment landscape
  • Network: Develop your network in an efficient manner. Meet targeted investors and strategic partners
  • Get working: Get closer to industry needs. Steer your research efforts towards actionable results
  • Get competitive advantage: Stay ahead of your competition with open innovation – leverage new ideas from agile startups
  • Exposure: Gain exposure to frugal innovation, and reinforce your competitive edge

Prizes and awards:

Winner – $100,000 USD

All finalists will be invited to present at the Singapore Award event in May 2017, to an international audience of multinationals, investors and government organizations. Selected entrants will also be exposed to multinational corporations.

Selection Process:

Start-ups will have to fill up the FFAA application forms and upload a presentation and supporting documents (such as letters of intent, product brochures, commercialization etc). Once submitted, the FFAA team will evaluate the entries for: •    Proprietary technology and innovativeness, •    Implementation of business model, •    Product distribution within its channels, •    Overall competitiveness of the start-up business within its value-chain, •    Capabilities and track record of the management team, •    Path to financial sustainability.

Shortlisted start-ups will be presented to our jury, and finalists will be invited to present at the event.


Important timelines:

  • January 2017 – applications begin
  • February 2017 – Jury Panel Disclosed
  • March 31st 2017 – Applications Closed. The applications will close by 5PM (Singapore Time)
  • May 2017 – Finalists announced and Award Event and Conference



City based startup Timla Foods raises seed funding through Kae Cap

captureThough the year of 2016 may be coming to end, yet the success ladder of startups seems to see no end nor do the entrepreneurs want to sit in peace until they have made it really big – be it in any sector. Just recently, Timla foods came out in the open to officially announce their success of receiving seed funding from Kae Cap – an early stage investment firm based out of Mumbai.

Timla Food has raised this funding under their brand “PopiCorn” – which makes ready to eat popcorn. At Popicorn, they make great tasting wholesome snacks for every age and lifestyle. PopiCorn’s popcorn is ready to eat, 100% natural, GMO free and made of whole grain.

At present, this brand is available in all leading super market stores including Ratnadeep, Heritage Fresh, Ghanshyam and Karachi bakery as well. This brand was introduced in the beginning of this year, and in such a short span itself, the brand has recorded over 4 lakh units of popcorn sale.

The primary aim of this company is to make healthy ready-to-eat snacks,” said Prashant Gowriraju, cofounder at Timla Foods. “Our product doesn’t contain any preservative or GMOs.” He continues by saying that the seed fund amount will be used to enhance the capacity of production and expansion of the operations of the brand across the nation. “We realised that the market gap is large and PopiCorn received positive response in the Telangana market,” said Navin Honagudi, investment director at Kae Capital. “This is what prompted us to invest in this company.”

According to the research of the investment company, the ready-to-eat segment is a large market with scope worth Rs 20,000 crore. Timla foods is looking forward to expansion in Bengaluru followed by Mumbai. They were bootstrapped when they kicked off in 2016 and this is their first seed funding that they have received from outside.

Congratulations team – hope we get to eat more of this healthy yet tasty popcorn. You are all doing great, and hope to you see doing even better and achieve all those goals that you have set for the startup.



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EzyCook – cooking made easy

EzyCook – Saves 80% of your Kitchen work. 

You just cook fresh & Enjoy eating !!

Home-cooked food, the mere term reminds us of an aromatic recipe cooking in the background of our kitchens since childhood, for god knows how many years; reminds us of the love of mom infused into each and every recipe; reminds us of the comfort of family, home and all that is good with our surroundings; reminds us of the family meals, the taste, the love and all of it.

But, alas! This beautiful word of home-cooked food is a mere fantasy in people’s life today. With the ever-growing competitive world, the man and the woman of the house do not have time to cook at home. For home-cooked food to be replicated in the way it was traditionally done involves a lot of work. You need to shop for the specific vegetables beforehand, you need to wash those vegetables, cut them, assemble all the spices, and wait for them to cook. Oh! How long the process goes on for! And, god save you if there is soaking or pressure-cooking or marinating or blending involved or worse, or if one of the key spices or ingredients isn’t available at home! Ah! The fiasco!

Because of all the pain-points and the waste of the most valuable commodity – “time”, we prefer going to restaurants or order take-aways and that works best for many of the working class. But, every once in awhile, the pang of missing home-cooked food engulfs many people.

“ Indians have long believed in the benefits of consuming food freshly prepared at home. But, because of the changing lifestyles and socio-economic patterns, many people are resorting to the so-called ‘convenience food’ ” – was the fact that bothered Shashank Kamshetty. It bothered him to such an extent that he devised a plan to bridge this big gap between ‘convenience’ and ‘home-cooked food’. He came up with the plan of reaching out to people with his ready-to-cook recipe packs that would change the dynamics of food industry and consumer’s consumption pattern. He had the idea in his mind and what came next was the execution, all he needed next was a chef who could create the tasty recipe protocols. He wanted to give the people the luxury of home-cooked food, so who best to choose other than a home-cook. He looked around for the best home-cook he knew and that was when he approached, Allam Padma, the best home-cook he knew and incidentally his mother-in-law!


After months of decision making, research and a lot of cooking, Shashank Kamshetty, with his co-founder Allam Padma started “GingerPac Readyfoods Pvt Ltd” . To highlight their main agenda of making people’s cooking experience Easy, Convenient and Fun, the founders termed their brand name as “EzyCook, a single term that explained their product completely!

logo2-01 374x430

So, how does EzyCook help in making one’s cooking experience Easy, Convenient And Fun? EzyCook’s recipe packs are the do-it-yourself kits of cooking. The team at EzyCook have already tried, tested and essentially finalized all their recipes and have come up with an array of veg and non-veg recipes ranging from the starters to main course.

They shop for the most fresh vegetables and meat or poultry or seafood in the market, making sure that the consumer has really healthy, fresh ingredients at hand. Then, they wash the ingredients thoroughly, cut them into pieces most adaptable to the recipe, soak or pressure-cook or marinate or blend them, if needed. Then, they assemble the spices and pack the spices in required quantities. All the pastes required are properly sealed and packed. Starting from the core ingredient to the spices and salt, all the portions are measured to the error of milligrams before being packed.

All the components of the pack are then compositely arranged in a convenient box that is easy to carry and use. Along with this, comes a small card, the card that has the recipe instructions step by step. A look into those small cards would give us an insight into how the elegance of the pack lies in the simplicity and ease of the final cooking process that one has to endure. All they request you to provide for yourself is the oil, pan and a ladle. Now all one needs is four items – EzyCook recipe pack, a utensil, oil and ladle. That is all !



This seemingly glorious and easy idea has had a lot of brain and research put in. It is clear by talking to Shashank Kamshetty that the idea was not a whimsical thought of a frustrated brain but a clearly-put, well-thought and judiciously researched direction. In his own words, Shashank says,

“In 2011, I was the co-founder of the startup, “Rays”, a lifestyle hospital, a centre primarily born to change the way people suffering from lifestyle diseases got treated. Two years, a lot of sweat and pain and a few differences later, I had to quit the organization. Though I had left the hospital, my heart could not leave the idea of health, the changing lifestyles and the harm we are put under because of the changing life-styles. While building up Rays, with the extensive research I did for the hospital, I learnt that diet has long been linked with the development of lifestyle diseases, and dietary modification is one of the cornerstones for chronic disease prevention. From there, the idea of ‘healthy food’ haunted me.

I was and I am still of the opinion that home-cooked food is always healthier than food eaten outside! I could have gone ahead and done the usual routine of designing salad packs and soup powders, but that was not my portal. My target was to create healthy, tasty packs that one would not give up so easily or eat so forcibly. Home-cooked food seemed like the solution to bring a reverse change in the bad-lifestyle habits. But, being used to cooking regularly at home, I knew that cooking food in traditional methods took a whole lot of time and energy. Not just with me, but research has proven that sadly, Indians spend over 13 hours a week for cooking, highest in comparison to the international average of less than 6 and half hours each week. Also, after discussing with few who regularly cooked food at home, I could identify many more pain-points related to cooking.

Therefore, I felt that a product which could bridge the gap of fresh home-cooked food with convenience, and save over 50% of the overall time spent in kitchen, was the need of the hour. And that’s how GingerPac was born to address the cooking pain-points through its fresh ready-to-cook recipe packs under the brand EzyCook. Using EzyCook’s recipe pack one doesn’t have to spend any time for preparation, you just cook & enjoy eating!!” Says the proud co – founder Shashank when asked about the idea behind this venture.

Let us wish them all the very best and hoping great success on their endeavors.

If you like the concept and idea and stay / work in the above-mentioned areas, do log into the EzyCook website (  and order all your favorite dishes without haste! Save that precious time of preparing for the dish and instead do something you enjoy!

City based Aadya Restaurants acquires another city based brand, Chennai chef

dosa placeHalf a year of 2016 has passed and the wave of mergers, investments, acquisitions has not yet slowed down. Progress and growth in the startup industry seems to be booming with each passing day.

The hotel and food industry is not less in this race. Just yesterday city based dosa place – Aadya Restaurants announced its acquisition of Sukashree Agro Foods who owns the `Chennai Chef’ brand, which retails food products such as idly and dosa batters, sambar and rasam powders, among others.

Sources reveal that Aadya restaurants acquired a full on 91% stake in Chennai Chef, which is also another city based startup only. Though the stake percentage has been disclosed, the amount is still kept a secret.

Chennai Chef is a retail business having presence across major super markets since six years. The company is mainly into in selling idly, dosa, nutri dosa batters, sambhar and rasam powders.

“We found great synergy in Chennai Chef. This acquisition will make us spread our wings into retail business too. We want to become the McDonald’s of south Indian food.” said Ajay Koneru, founder and Director of Aadya Restaurants.

Dosa Place is Aadya Restaurant’s initial venture. This restaurant aims to be a one-stop-restaurant and service provider wherein it plans to run multiple mobile trucks across the nation. Presently, the firm has 35+ employees that includes master chefs, cooks, servers, managers and quality maintenance staff. “We started our journey with one truck and now we are four trucks and a Quick Service Restaurant at a Drive – in, Koneru said.

When asked about the company’s future plans, Koneru said, “We are getting into QSR segment with the brand TIDC, The Indian Dosa Company. Our plan is to have presence in at least five states in next 1 year. All the cities will have Chennai Chef Factories, Dosa Place Trucks and The Indian Dosa Company (TIDC) QSR . By 2017 December we want to go global.”


Even after this acquisition, the brand ‘Dosa Place’ will remain the same for the company’s trucks and will primarily focus on parties, events, weddings, among others. The company also plans to raise Rs 12 crore to fund its expansion plans in the coming days.

Kudos and hearty congratulations to the team for Aadya restaurants for this successful acquisition. We hop all the future endeavours take shape as planned.




Meet The Founder – Mukesh Manda, TinMen

Mukesh cofounded TinMen as an effort to bridge the gap between hard at work office goers and ambitious household kitchens.They call themselves a modern, technology dependent version of the Dabbawala system. TinMen were the winners of the Rs.5 lakhs cash prize at The August Fest 2015. Listen to the founder explain more about the company.

We had featured Mukesh’s interview a few months ago. Read the complete story here and they recently raised seed fund from the Lead Angels.


Say ‘Hello’ To Your ‘First Meal’

Continuing its commitment to offer healthy food with convenient packaging and quick delivery service, Hello Curry, South India’s Best QSR Chain, announced that it was acquiring The First Meal, a food delivery startup that takes pre-orders from customers through its robust subscription platform, later today. The terms of the deal remain undisclosed, but it consists of both cash and stock.

This acquisition helps Hello Curry to penetrate into the breakfast and meal box segments through their subscription framework. Balanced meals have always been overlooked in the Indian sub continent, but there is a change now, where customers are opting for right balanced food. The First Meal’s  “Meal Box” is consciously prepared by food experts keeping in mind the nutrition values of several ingredients that go into the making. With their “subscription only” First Meal is offering various packages to customers ranging from 1 week and up to a month, giving tremendous flexibility in customizing the food as all orders and preferences are known fairly in advance.

The CEO of Hello Curry, Raju Bhupati is on a roll & excited about the possibilities – “While there is a churn in the food delivery industry, we are well-poised for huge growth due to the strategic decisions we have already made and our strong commitment to delivering high quality, healthy food. In a marketplace that has no entry barriers, we think of ourselves as a long distance runner. Our focus on quality and predictability has already endeared our customers. We highly prize it. It is this trust that makes our aim to mark 5000 meals per day within the next 6 months an undaunting prospect through this First Meal acquisition”

While Sandeep Penmatsa, Co-Founder and Chief of marketing, explains, “In the current context of exaggerated completion where several street-side food vendors are delivering food at 60-80 rupees, quality standards of food took serious beating and the hygiene is heavily compromised. From the inception of Hello Curry our focus has always been towards giving the most hygiene food to customers and with this acquisition our commitment towards delivering the best food will further be strengthened as we know what to prepare for lunch and for how many. As the predictability of orders grows up our systems efficiencies will substantially increase. Our delivery boys can carry multiple orders at a time and our infrastructure and man power can be highly optimized. We can also offer wide range of food choices to customers through this subscription framework. We will conquer Hyderabad market in the next 3 months and will look forward to enter into Bangalore and other key cities of India.”

Started in the middle of 2015 by entrepreneurs Yuv Raj Poosarla, Saswata De and Suraj Subedi along with Ravi Varma and Sathvik Ponangi, with help from mentor Joginder Tanikella, The First Meal has become rapidly popular in the breakfast segment and acquired a huge loyal customer base. It serves 5 types of diet balanced items for breakfast, and reaches upwards of 10,000 boxes monthly, with 89% customer retention rate, highest in the industry.

Since it’s inception as a “Delivery Only” brand, Hello Curry has garnered immense appreciation from thousands of satisfied customers. It is one of the first few food start-ups in India that focuses heavily on technology to enhance customer experience and refine operational efficiency. This acquisition promises to bring you hearty meals and a smile on your face.

Hello Curry acquires The First Meal
Hello Curry acquires The First Meal

Like what we write?

Read more about The First Meal & Hello Curry from us.

Indulge Your Dessert Experience

indulgeSweet cravings are one of those cravings which cannot be ignored, even if you had to. Sometimes, you just need that one delicious bite to soothe your inner soul. Indulge by InnerChef is bringing good news among the dessert-lovers in the city. InnerChef brings you first-of-its-kind hyperlocal dessert marketplace model where they are bringing a whole bunch of talented home bakers and neighbourhood bakeries to cater to your sweet tooth.

Inner ChefThis Gurgaon based food-tech startup is all set to launch Indulge in the city of pearls. Boasting a team of skilled in-house chefs and home bakers, these skilled home bakers are not only featured on their website, they will also have access to a robust technology platform to reach millions of customers.

Indulge’s idea is to promote and encourage these independent home bakers (mostly homemakers) to venture out in a different market space and engaging with a wider audience, in their respective cities. Indulge is a technology driven customer centric brand which hopes to spread celebrations across millions.

We are going through a large spectrum of technology shift where the internet & mobile devices are transforming our lifestyle, like many other, this combination of Food + Tech is changing the way we eat. Indulge is one-of-its-kind to redefine the dessert marketplace in Hyderabad.

Here are links to download InnterChef Android

Time2Tiffin: hot breakfast everyday at a single click

Running late for work and you wish someone could just get you ready breakfast so that you can gobble it up before going for work?

The customer’s wishes become the command for the startup ecosystem. Now thank the team of Time2Tiffin who will deliver hot breakfast at your office desk every day morning.  This startup aims to solve all the breakfast needs by delivering healthy homely food on a single click and at affordable prices. The customers place their orders via the mobile app ‘Time2Tiffin’ or through web both on time and on pre-order basis. As per order, food is prepared in house and is delivered in high grade packing within 30-40 min of order time.

T2T presently serves 2 business segments –

  • B2C: In this model, the IT workforce is the target market
  • B2B: Hospitals & Hotels with poor kitchen facilities is mainly targeted here. They aim to providing complimentary breakfast at hotels in future.

T2T is a simple, easy and quick Tiffin delivery app that helps you order home style breakfast on a single click. T2T is based on 3 pillars – Quality, Service and Price. Their menu offers wide variety of healthy South Indian breakfast prepared with home ingredients. Standardized hygienic process in place helps them to serve high quality food. On time delivery has been the cream of their service. The team believes in long term relationships and they understand  pocket needs of their customers, and so T2T ensures that their  pricing is affordable.


T2T emerged from a techie’s garage with a group of tech and food enthusiasts in September 2015. Since its inception the team has grown from 2 to 35. Today it serves 30+ delicious items in 8 locations in Hyderabad; Madhapur, Gachibowli and surrounding areas. To meet growing user requests they plan not only to expand their operations to other areas of Hyderabad but also broaden their menu offerings. They have been witnessing a rising active user base, which has grown to 5000 users in just 4 months.

The founders of this amazing startup hail from different backgrounds ranging from IT to Business Management but the common binding factor for all of them is food.  They knew that this space is the one with huge potential but at the same time is the most unorganized sector. That’s when they decided to bridge this gap with their startup.

Time2Tiffin delivers food from 7 AM to 11 AM from Monday to Saturday. You can conveniently pre – order your breakfast for the next day. The menu has wide ranges of idlis and dosas all at affordable prices, beginning from just Rs. 50.

The vision of the team is to be the morning friend of all the people They are striving hard to do everything possible to stand on their core values of Quality, Service and Price and to serve the best.

So what’s keeping you waiting from downloading this cool app? Go to the app store of your phone, and befriend a new morning breakfast companion.

Here is link to time2tiffin iOS and Andoird apps, like time2tiffin fanpage for future updates

T2T Flyer Front

The office food delivery app TinMen raises funding from Lead Angels

The first month of the New Year has been quite a progressive one for startups in the city. With new ventures coming up and lot of events happening every now and then, investors are on the edge to invest in the best.

Lead Angels is an early stage funding platform based in India and has never failed to invest in the right company at the right time. It is reported that Lead Angels has invested in a Hyderabad based office food delivery startup –

This food delivery startup focuses mainly on delivering corporate meals to office goers in the city. It has food for individual employees and also has lot of corporate meal programs on its website. The team of TinMen ensures that the food served is made by home chefs with the latest trends in food and flavour liked by majority of the people.  The startup describes itself as a technology-enabled version of the Mumbai Dabbawalas.

Mukesh Manda, the co-founder of this startup considers TinMen to be a virtual café, being the first food delivery platform to offer direct B2B model in the food sector. The startup claims to have attained a 40% customer retention and delivers on an average 8000 lunches per day. An undisclosed amount as an angel round of funding was officially announced on January 29th 2016.

“Food technology space has been a widely discussed sector in the recent past and it is time for more mature and well defined business models in the space. TinMen is able to deliver its multi-cuisine, multi-restaurant service at affordable prices given its unique delivery model,” Says Vinutha Rallapalli, Vice President Lead Angels.

TinMen has customized its website for the benefits of the customer and today, it allows the users to set up weekly and monthly plans for the food schedule with the startup. The meals through TinMen start at nominal prices, beginning from just Rs. 50.

Lead Angels has surely invested in a gem and the entire team of Startup Hyderabad  congratulates both the parties on this stepping milestone in their respective growth lines. We also wish the team of Tinmen good luck for their future plans and growth.