ADOM Technologies- Transport mobility solutions for real time tracking

With multifarious gadgets and gizmos smartening and decking up the fleet management operations, fleet tracking has grown to be a huge market in India. The drive to delight customers with better and advanced services has spawned innovative vehicle tracking solutions in the fleet management market. About 500 companies operating in Indian Metro cities use the service of over 15,000 cabs to transport lakhs of their employees 24*7, 365 days a year. Considering work timings, Such colossal numbers make recess for insecurities ubiquitous. Safety henceforth becomes a major concern for Organizations. Employees are left at the helm of transports after dark. Its time however to finally write that concern off. ADOM technologies, a Hyderabad based, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) company uses technology that can very well improve your security using GPS and real-time tracking solution.

ADOM Technologies, short for “Aggregation and Distribution on Mobile”, aggregates data and distributes it via mobile platform. “It provides complete GPS mobile asset tracking and management systems that include vehicle tracking units, satellite airtime for data transmission, a Web-hosted application for complete fleet management and professional services to insure successful deployment and on-going support”. Thus, it uses GPS technology and provides mobility solutions to encompass Sales, CRM, Transport, Automation and mobile applications. A service like this can prove invaluable to a vast array of users in tracking fleets and optimizing operations be it I. T. giants or E-commerce companies. 


Promising to be user friendly, its working is simple. The data from mobile application end points is first collected on a centralized server. This then helps the manger to comprehend the now visible data in a readable format on a dashboard. In order to provide a completely unmanned transport system, they even have host of features available including Data Visualization, IoT and Big data.

ADOM technologies is the brainchild of Sai Shankar,the Co-founder and Product Development Manager and Madhusudhan Anand, Co-founder and COO who handles all the market research, product design, GUI and testing.

The work kickstarted in Septemper 2013 when they sold the ingenious service to their first customer. The company has now grown from a small 15 cab strength to 250 cabs in 5 cities- Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi–Gurgaon and Mumbai.


Across India, ADOM aspires to target about 5000 companies with 15 lakh plus cabs. And the aspiration seems near its fulfillment soon as they already have readily and easily available solutions at their disposal like School buses, Employee Transport, Taxi solutions (a complete end to end solution like Meru) to encompass a larger length and breadth of coverage areas.

Adom technologies unique product has certainly not failed to attract well deserved accolades. They were runners up in Hyderabad Microsoft Bizspark 2013 and finalists in Code for honor. Besides, they have also received a letter of appreciation from the Embassy of Israel for technology and solution. Their customers list includes esteemed organizations like McKinsey, Orange Telecom and Orix.

As far as their future is concerned, there is a roadmap for more automation, innovation and problem solving. They wish to organize the transport market, reduce cost, save fuel, provide security and increase productivity for their customers.

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