An Ode to Hyderabad – The Start up City

I came to Hyderabad around 6 years back taking up a job assignment with Havas Digital and never thought that I will fall in love with this city so much. While the Biryani’s and Kebabs are to blame for the initial infatuation, there’s more to it that helped me sustain the relationship. I loved the people here and there ingenuity.

In this globally connected world you can build a world class tech startup from literally anywhere in the world – may it be the dark forests of Tanzania or your ancestral home in the remotest village of India; all you need is a stable computer with a decent Internet connection. However, things become a lot easier when you have supportive infrastructure and an overall ecosystem filled with friendly people who have built their own startups and are continuously working on exploring new technology and business ideas.

In the last four years I have seen and met so many startups, each with their own idea, working relentlessly to make their mark but the one point that unites them all is the passion for doing something different, doing something on their own.  What makes this city so start up friendly is the ways startups collaborate and help each other. While competition is in the air, it is healthy competition that pushes you to go beyond your limits.

This write up would not be complete without the mention of the numerous platforms that are facilitating the growth of the start up ecosystem in Hyderabad. There are numerous Meet Up groups, initiatives, like Devthon, places like Lamakaan that are doing an amazing job in bringing the start up community together and helping them connect.

Personally, I joined a start up four years back, which now has reached a reasonable size to cross the startup threshold but we actively nurture the start up culture in the organization as we cherish the experience, the passion, the adrenaline rush that comes with doing something we really want to do. But what is more important is the organization’s commitment towards helping other startups succeed. Taking active part in start up events, sponsoring, working as mentors, collaborating on projects; we go a long way than necessary for pure business interest coz we love to see other start-ups succeed. And it is not just about the company I work for but it rather illustrates the spirit of Hyderabad.