Art . Cinema . Architecture – Interactive talk at Jxtapose


Art .Cinema . Architecture is an interactive talk by three well known names in the film industry: Mr. Mallik Ram, a director, Ms. Lanka Santoshi, production designer and Mr. Surya Vinay, director of photography. The three of them are currently working on a digital original, Pelli Gola. Their talk focuses on how film making has branched out of other art forms and has successfully worked as a fine blend of life and other arts. These speakers are proof of this with Mr. Malik Ram and Ms. Lanka Santoshi both being architecture graduates who ventured into the world of films and Mr. Surya Vinay being a computer science graduate and then a game developer is now a director of photography.



About Jxtapose

The idea behind Jxtapose is to help people who want to pursue fields of design or art especially young designers, artists, sculptors, craftsmen, performers, creative professionals and other people from related backgrounds. We want to translate our real-time experiences as designers to provide the right kind of networking platforms so that our fellow fraternity members are able to grow their careers and attract the kind of audience that they are looking for.
The primary elements of Jxtapose are: The co-working space (dedicated to creative professionals), events (enabling artist-consumer connection), studio space, retail space, a gallery and a cafe.