Motivation. Inspiration. Creativity. It was all there this year at The August Fest! The idea of having all under one roof is very much required here in Hyderabad. Two Days of absolute learning! I personally believe that continuous learning is the key to be successful in life.

“To listen is to learn and to learn is to become successful”


Being among the creative minds of 22 Startup founders was an honour for me. Listening to their presentations motivates me to strive harder each day to be right there some day. Post the presentations, the feedback from the investors was worth it. Feedbacks help succeed faster!!! ….read this somewhere 🙂

What I learnt ?

You don’t need money to startup, you need  a creative mind and the willingness to take things to the next level. Its the self confidence, the motivation, a creative mind and bang! you are on the road to become successful!

“Believing in yourself is your biggest strength”

Talking about ‘engaging audience’ – this was missing in the fest. Though, featuring of tweets and having a selfie zone was a cool idea but a little more engagement would have had a much better impact. Also featuring of Instagram posts would have been  nice! 🙂

photo 2

Among the 6 Unconference sessions,  Startup Chai Unconference Day2 – Feminst Geekdom was an a very interactive session to be apart of.  I would like to mention a very strong statement made by one of the speaker – “There is nothing wrong in choosing to be a housewife. It’s a bigger responsibility all together.”  Now how true is that!

Adding taste to the discussions at the ‘Unconference’ was the chai from our very own Rasheed Bhai Startup Chai.

photo 1

Altogether it was an awesome experience to be among the 1500+ attendees and I am looking forward to the 2015 fest!

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