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Whether it is to adequately grasp the realities of our current socio-political climate, become a more vigilant citizen or simply to earn social credits for being “woke”, there is a need for the 21st-century person to have an understanding of the nitty- gritties of legal codes and procedures. However, the urge to know more about the law of the land is often quickly dampened when one is met with a thousand sections, clauses, article numbers and other terminology that comprise legal jargon enshrined in commonly available sources. Opening the average law website or book usually leads one into a rabbit hole of nuances that is unfathomable to the average person. 

The question is, can we let that impede our ability to be more legally vigilant, especially in a world where knowledge is power? But how does one get past the gap in legal knowledge and understanding? The answer is made simple by Pensive.

Pensieve aims to democratize legal data and make it accessible to the common man. They do this through two tools – Mitra and Smriti. 


Mitra is a legal research platform. It uses state of the art artificial intelligence technologies to improve productivity of lawyers. Mitra is designed to intuitively understand the context and relevance of a search query and provide the case researcher with the most apt recommendation. More importantly, using machine learning Mitra is able to help prepare defensible arguments.


Smriti is a solution which aims to be a one stop shop for contract automation purposes. It uses Natural Languange Processing and Machine Learning technologies to reduce the time and effort taken in drafting the contracts. Apart from identifying the entities in contracts and helping the clients in modifying them; it also acts as a recommender system during the contract creation process.

The social start up vista in India seems to be in the limelight at the moment and Pensive boasts of being one of the brightest stars in the field. The company has quite a few feathers in its cap to validate this claim. It graduated from Facebook and T-Hub India Innovation Accelerator Program and was selected as one of the top 5 AI Legal startups by Analytics India. It also a part of GenNext Hub, a unique startup programme initiated by Reliance Industries to help startups scale to a minimum viable company by providing them with the critical resources they need. It was also one of the 20 Startups selected For Axilor Winter 2017 Accelerator Cohort. 

It is a lesser known fact that the legal sector was one of the firsts to utilise AI to smoothen their functioning. Firms have been known to use AI powered softwares to simplify their case based research needs since as early as 2005. By now, companies like Pensive are working hand in glove with legal agencies to fix the cumbersome problem of the lack of speedy access to legal aid, as faced in countries like India. Startups like these are paving the path for both- a more efficient judicial system as well as a more aware, well-informed and vigilant population. 




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