Broadcast Wear’s Crowdfunding campaign.

Broadcast Wear is an exciting new startup venture that is trying to disrupt the apparels and wearables market with really cool programmable T-shirts. Start-Up Hyderabad did a story on them around the time they launched their prototype. You can read the story here. Since then, Broadcast Wear has been busy. Among other things, they won the “Best Device/Gadget” award at the HYSEA design summit! The team is also gearing up to start the manufacturing & distributing operations for these programmable T-shirts.

In order to realise the next few steps, Broadcast Wear has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. You can visit the campaign page here. Through this campaign, the company is hoping to raise enough funds to begin manufacturing. As is with most crowdfunding campaigns for a product, the reward levels are the product itself. If you decide to back Broadcast Wear’s crowdfunding campaign, you can basically pre-order these one of a kind T-shirts. The level of contribution varies from pre-ordering one T-shirt, the entire range of  T-shirts and everything in between. You could also choose if you want a single panel or a double panel – your text or design to be visible only on the front or the front and back.

Programmable t-shirts are not entirely unique to Broadcast Wear, a quick search will find you many such t-shirts on online retailers. Broadcast Wear has an ace up its sleeve though. Their programmable t-shirts are touch enabled! This is exciting stuff. Basically, you just swipe the logo on the t-shirt for the LED display to change. You don’t have to click on your phone to change the display, you can do it on the go with a simple swipe of the logo.

“Hyderabad is a well-known hub for software companies. With Boradcast Wear, we’re looking to put Hyderabad on the map for innovative hardware ideas too. I’m quite excited about the direction we are headed in and look forward to all the support from Hyderabad – peers and customers.”Ayappa Nagubandi, the Founder & CEO of Broadcast Wear.

Start-Up Hyderabad wishes Ayappa Nagubandi and his team at Broadcast Wear lots of luck. If you wish to support and back their venture, you can do so here.