Building entrepreneurship among Children – BriteCamp

It all started at home. When Jai Eapen’s (Founder, BriteCamp) daughters were celebrating their summer with their artistic skills, it kindled a moment of Eureka to him. By end of the summer vacation, his daughters had created an inventory of usable craft items and he knew all could not stay at home. Their talent needed a productive outlet. That led to BriteCamp.

In his words, “BriteCamp is a marketplace for children to showcase and sell their creative proceedings to the world that appreciates it. The beauty about BriteCamp is that the children will be able to support underprivileged children through their sale proceedings.”


Child entrepreneurs in making

Children are encouraged to create viable products through their skills and favorite art form. They are then required to upload their products into the platform’s catalog and make it available for sale with a price. Currently, the platform supports art forms like painting, drawing, paper craft, recycling which further cater to more than 100 categories of products.

Srinivas Reddy, co-founder of BriteCamp with Jai Eapen consulted multiple school administrators and art teachers to validate this idea. The schools responded enthusiastically in onboarding budding child entrepreneurs in the art & craft segment onto the platform. The schools have been encouraging their students to publish their art projects onto the marketplace.

The schools also opine that this model would not only help children evolve as entrepreneurs, but also introduce them to different learning opportunities which would help them both in academic performance and career building.

Social cause behind the bright initiative

The model is designed to share 50% of the proceeds from selling the crafts to non-profit organizations working with underprivileged children. BriteCamp has already partnered with Make a Wish Foundation and IIMPACT, to implement this model.

Funding and future plans

Currently, BriteCamp is raising funds through means of crowdfunding over a sustained period of time. The Indian art market is worth anywhere approximately between Rs. 1000-1200 crore. The duo from Hyderabad, Srinivas and Jai have set up BriteCamp with a vision to not just to build child entrepreneurs, but also encourage many Indian art forms that are fading away from the culture. Here is a chance for all entrepreneurs to introduce their children into entrepreneurship.

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