Can you co-create a startup?

BuiltForFree Winter 2016

Any venture capitalist will tell you the importance of having a co-founder. But is it possible to create a startup with a group of completely unknown individuals?

Hyderabad-based Egghead Creative is spearheading efforts to bring skilled volunteers together to collaborate and build an idea under the guidance of industry experts.

As part of their bi-annual campaign, Egghead Creative brings to you ‘Winter 2016’ Edition of BuiltForFree, inviting aspiring entrepreneurs to submit their ideas and get connected with skilled volunteers. Together, they form teams to pitch their idea to the jury.

Winning team builds a working prototype of their idea, under the tutelage of mentors, with specific experience in payment systems, healthcare, technology, design, etc.

Skilled volunteers and entrepreneurs are invited to register here, and submit their idea before February 15, 2016.

BuiltForFree Winter 2016