– Online search engine and Marketplace for kindergarten to 10th class school search

csBecoming a parent is an overwhelming feeling that one cannot explain. But with this, comes responsibilities. One of them is searching for the best schools for the child. Veeranki Muneswararao had personally experienced problems while searching for a good school for one of his friend’s kids. That was when they realized how difficult it was to select the best. The whole exercise made him realize the gap that existed between availability of good schools and the ability to actually find one. He realized the huge effort and time that goes in to search for the best based on each individual’s requirements. This experience was the ‘eureka’ moment and that’s when he started working on the problem to make school search easy.’ is an online search engine and marketplace for kindergarten to 10th class school search. This website has all relevant activities beginning from finding the school, searching for admissions and parent activities. They are in to common marketplace for B2B and B2C in school education.

How does the service work?

This website shows you multiple options for daycare, playschools, parent community and normal schooling. You can also choose the type of board you prefer your kid. When you logon to the website,

  • You can either directly select the available option in the menu bar – Day care, Playschools, schools, admissions, Parent community, KidZ, Jobs, Franchises, Services. Or you can do a manual search for schools based on your criteria of school type, board and city
  • Once you do that, a list of schools will appear. When you select a particular school, you will be able to view the services and facilities that school provides, the admission process, fee structure and contact details
  • Like it? Contact the school directly by filling the form available on the same page, or through the contact details available

“Very less organizations are working in this particular area of services, that too there are lot of challenges in this school education system. We are overcoming these hurdles. In first phase of application we are developing common the online admissions process for all the schools in a single platform, so parents need not to approach different schools for admissions, same as schools wouldn’t worry about new admissions.” Says the proud founder of this startup.


Veeranki Muneswararao is the founder of and currently they are a 5 member team. They have been using their own funds till date but are open to all kinds of funding and VC options.

As of date, they are focusing on Telangana & Andhra Pradesh and are at aiming at implementing digitalization in children education. Later they foresee expansion to other states.

If you are a school owner, you can list your school on To be able to do so, you will need to register yourself. Do it yourself by hopping on their website or reach the team on 9030169999.