City based startup Smartron invests in Volta Motors

captureHas this year been good so far for the startup ecosystem? It has been an extraordinary year with only good news flooding the newsroom and startup conference rooms. To add to the list, Hyderabad based startup, Smartron has decided to invest in Volta Motors.

The surprising fact here is that a startup is investing in another company. To this astonishing investment, Mahesh Lingareddy, the founder of Smartron justified – “Our association with Volta illustrates the strategy that Smartron has pursued since its inception; that we need to be known as a company that is building a strong product ecosystem across IoT verticals from personal to health to home to energy to farming. Electric eco – friendly bikes powered by an IoT platform like Smartron’s TRONX will be an essential part of our range of smart products”.


Smartron aims to become a premier global IoT convergence brand, by uniquely accelerating and aggregating the product ‘Innovation, Design and Engineering’ expertise in India and around the globe to bring range of products for India and the world. Smartron is focused on innovating and disrupting in the areas of smart, sensors, robotics, artificial intelligence, cloud and crowd technologies to bring next generation of devices, services and care offering highly customized, personalized and context aware experience to users.

Volta Motors on the other hand, is a Chennai based automotive firm that mainly focuses on designing and producing durable electric – vehicles. Volta Zap, the first ever electric bike – is one major innovation of this company. The investment amount is undisclosed, but with the funding, Volta Motors is all set to scale up the manufacturing, development and commercialization of Volta Zap.


“We are excited to be a part of Smartron’s journey. We share similar synergies of bringing in smart and innovative products that are aligned to create an Indian brand that are recognized globally”, said Anoop Nishanth, CEO of Volta Motors.

The 2017 road ahead for both companies is to collaborate with each other to commercialize IoT – enabled electric vehicles. Once this happens, Volta Motor’s IoT enabled electric vehicles will revolutionize and modernize the way Indians commute. It will lead to a healthy and convenient lifestyle with zero pollution emitted out of the electric vehicles.

Congratulations to both the collaborating partners. We hope your roadmap is a success story by the end of this year! All the best for all your future plans and endeavors.