Content Marketing – Strategy & Hacks for startups

Did you know that 93% of marketers use content marketing and that content shared on ‘Thursdays’ has the longest lifespan?

And that 80% of business decision makers prefer  information obtained in a series of articles versus an advertisement.

More and more businesses are increasing their content marketing budgets as it proves to be one of the best media to market and for startups that cannot spend huge amounts on advertising, content marketing proves to be very effective in terms of ROI.

But what is content marketing?

Do you know what is Content?
Do you know the places on internet, where your target audience is dwelling?
Do you care about what your target audience is consuming?
Do you care to listen to what there are asking from you?
Do you know what drives your target audience to make any decision that relates to your brand? It could be Yes/No/ Maybe.

Find answers to all these at Start-Up Hyderabad’s workshop on ‘Content Marketing – Strategy & Hacks for Startups‘ on the 1st of October 2016. Click here to claim your early bird pass.

Event Plan:

1) Introduction to Content Marketing by Nischala Agnihotri

Introducing Content Marketing while answering basic questions that trouble you. What does ‘Content’ mean in the marketing context? Is content marketing expensive or affordable? How can content marketing be applied to a business?

2) Content Team and Types of Content by Brinda Gita Popuri, Sr.Community Manager at Fashion Lady

What skills should I own? What kind of team is required  to create this? What type of content is to be created and when? Which CONTENT TYPE works well and for what kind of audience?

3) Budget & Hacks for Content marketing by Enoch James, Founder at Smarketer
What budget should be allocated? Some content marketing hacks

About the speaker:

Enoch James is a sales and marketing professional with 10+ years of success creating marketing and sales strategies for global clients; go-to market strategies, positioning, channel-partner management, market communications and the building of prosperous sales teams. Organizational sales structuring from scratch for web and mobile for companies in India and abroad.
He has extensive experience working with clients to build channel partners across the US, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Austria, France and the majority of the UAE and APAC.

4)  Content marketing strategies and Measuring ROI using Content Marketing Efforts by P.S. Niranjan, CEO & Founder at 8Views 

About the speaker:

Niranjan is the founder of 8views and previously CEO at . He has experience in managing end-to-end digital marketing solutions across digital platforms. His experience includes Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Ad Campaigns, Content Marketing, Mobile App Marketing, Analytics and more.

5) Tools to optimize Content Marketing. Fast content creation tools. Content Marketing tools and other measuring and analytics tools (Tentative)

Event Details:

When: 1st October 2016, 3PM – 6PM

Where: Ikeva India, Hitech City, Hyderabad


Prior registration is mandatory. Please click here to register.