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Desire Society – Caring for children infected & affected with HIV/AIDS

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Desire Society; Hyderabad based NGO

Hyderabad is one of the fast growing cities in the country. The city ranks high in all the amenities compared to any other metropolitan in India. However, when compared with other districts in Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad also ranks high in HIV+ infected people. The city is home to over 61,389 HIV infected people.

Desire Society; Hyderabad based NGO

AIDS in India has been a taboo topic for years and to a large extent it still remains the same today. The most vulnerable group among HIV affected are children. Around 90% of all children living with HIV acquired the infection from their mothers during pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding. Majority of HIV infected kids are abandoned by their parents or orphaned in the city.


Desire society, a Hyderabad based startup, located at Bollaram focuses their efforts for the betterment of HIV infected, especially women and children.
The organization works for preventing HIV infection and facilitating treatment for abondoned or orphaned children and children coming from socially and economically disadvantaged communities like sex workers, truck drivers etc.

Desire society believes in the future of children with HIV/AIDS. The society works to reduce the mortality of the PHLA, offers stigma free counseling and testing for HIV patients, offers quality treatment for opportunistic Infections (OIs) and support HIV affected kids by all means.
The society has worked with numerous HIV infected children since its inception. These children were brought to the society in critical conditions. The Desire Society Care Center clinical team worked hard to save lives and show a ray of hope to the these kids. The society is also putting its efforts in educating these kids so that they can live a normal life ahead.

Desire Society offers internship programs to volunteers. Currently, the organization has internship opportunities in developing children communication skills and fund raising. Interested people can volunteer at the Society by registering for group activities.

Please contact 9198494108082 for more information.

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