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A comprehensive catalogue for passionate home builders

India’s home construction and furnishing segment is now at an exciting phase, with a growth projection of 15% CAGR until 2020. As the industry is growing, there is an exponential increase in the number of options for the consumers to choose from. Given the wide choices available, consumers need a way to find and research relevant products. There is no single platform that caters to this consumer need.

Addressing this challenge, two Hyderabad based entrepreneurs have created a solution of a digitized product catalogue for home buyers, architects, builders and other consultants – .

Traditional methods and the industry story so far

So far, construction and building homes has always been a very complex process. The complexity arises due to the lack of information around – product availability, pricing and reviews. Traditionally, home buyers had to rely on word of mouth to discover, select and buy the products they wanted. They had to depend on magazines and pictures websites for ideas, trips to multiple stores, visits to trade fairs, etc.

Until now, product information has been scattered and biased. This process of research is very time consuming and unpleasant, at times.
Few other problems that consumers face have been over commitment to delivery times by small retailers, poor levels of customer service, lack of information around credible architect and interior consultants and ill-informed retailers about the products being sold. All this compounded to a frustrating buying experience.

How does Wishkarma solve this problem?

Wishkarma removes the friction from the building construction process by introducing a simple-to-use web based platform. At the heart of the platform is one of the largest product catalogues in the building construction industry. The platform makes it easy for home buyers, builders, architects and interior decorators to research and identify the products that they need. Raghu Seelamsetty, co-founder quotes the intensity of the pain involved in this process as he says, “With rapidly changing consumer tastes and introduction of new products and services the need for consumers, builders, architects and interior decorators to discover and learn about new products and technologies is greater than ever.”

Wishkarma Team

They offer a searchable product catalogue. As a part of the research process consumers can view product reviews, access how-to guides, chat with the manufacturers using an amazingly simple chat application, identify local suppliers – chat and negotiate with them without leaving the comfort of their home/office.

Wishkarma is constantly bringing new products on the platform along with consumer ratings, feedback and comparisons.  Sidhartha Meka, co-founder says, “Our goal is to empower our consumers to make informed decisions as they look to build the home of their dreams.” As of now, they have added products across 1000 brands.

Wishkarma has planned for more excitement

Wishkarma is working towards building a collaborative platform for consumers, architects and interior designers. An ecosystem that would bring products, ideas, people (suppliers and manufacturers), educative resources (how -tos and useful guides) and more on a single platform.