Egnify – A T-hub based edutech startup, making exams easy for students!

egnify-2Every innovation inherits from solving a problem. When it comes to startups, very few opt to be innovative and goal driven to bring an impact on the society.One such T-Hub based startup which is trying to solve the problems of students is “Egnify”- A cloud based holistic student performance improvement platform.

Egnify builds progressive tools and actionable Insights to enable teachers, empower parents and engage students. Imagine the earlier days of our schooling when we study so hard to get the marks and meet the standards but when the results came, have no idea about where to improve and what to improve to score better next time. This is exactly what Egnify is all about.It generates feedback and give an insightful data about the learning outcomes and students performance as analytic sheets.

Egnify is powered by cutting-edge technologies and Deep Analytics.It makes the life easier for teachers and management by automatic all the hectic time-consuming tasks related to grading, reporting and communicating.

It also has tools to connect, communicate and engage with parents, students and Teachers.

Platform to Connect

  • The easiest way for teachers to keep students and parents up-to-date with what is happening in the classroom.

  • Access all performance metrics at student, class, subject and test level in one mobile app.

  • Reach parents, educators, students on any device: a computer, mobile, tablet.

  • Receive communication through SMS, Email, Push Notifications.

    As a result, this is the track record of egnify within a very short time.

  • egnifyOn the whole, Egnify is empowering the student learning and helping parents and teachers to understand students better and give them customised learning. Because every child is different and everybody need to be taught differently.