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Entrepreneurship is not a career

People think that entrepreneurship is about working at coffee shops, raising money, and speaking at conferences. Many budding entrepreneurs act like they have made a wonderful career decision when they get funded. To them, it seems a lot like a promotion. However, this could not be further from the truth.

Entrepreneurs are passionate and starving
Looking at entrepreneurship as a career is like waking one fine morning and deciding to become an artist. People don’t decide to become an artist, it comes from a passion to create. It also seems that most people are launching start – ups for the money, or in the hope of it. They could not be more misguided. It is a lot easier to become an investment banker than to become a successful entrepreneur. The odds are never stacked in favour of the entrepreneur.

There is lot more to it than taking risks
It is not just about taking risks. While risk is involved, it is not the reason to start up. For most people who do, it is about creating something from nothing. They usually do not care about money, and they do not care about material things. All they care about is creating something that others can use and find valuable.

While ego is involved (creative acts require it), the real focus is on the creation of value for the world. Taking risks is less about being an entrepreneur and more about living life to the fullest.

It is all about who you are
The journey to becoming an entrepreneur can start from just about anywhere, even on being fired from your last job. When you have nothing to fall back on, you quickly realise that it is all about who you are and what you know. Some people feel that they cannot start up because they have plans of starting a family or cannot deal with the intensity regularly. But, it is sustainable if you choose to make it. Entrepreneurs do not take risks every day and they do not risk it all. And neither do they work obscene hours. The risks and hard work are like waves that come and go. It is doable if you can manage them.



Ayyappa Nagubandi

Ayyappa is a thinker, parallel entrepreneur, and an inventor. He has invented and authored 9 patents over the years. He has about 16 years of experience in different functions across various industry verticals and with core competence in incubating and growing start-ups!

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