Nokia organizes Windows Phone sessions for Gamers and developers

Calling all Windows app and game developers! As part of the Developer Outreach Program, Nokia has scheduled a meetup for all Windows developers who have currently developed applications and games and wish to improve their apps.

Windows developer program in hyderabad

The event is scheduled for Friday 11th April, 2014. During the meetup, developers can learn all the new features of WP 8.1 and ways to optimize their applications. A hands-on gaming demo will also be showcased. Members of the event can discuss and network with Industry experts.

As this is an Invite-Only event, interested members can directly mail along with your Windows Phone app portfolio.

Date : 11th April
Venue : Will be mailed with the invitation
Email :

LeanStartupMachine Hyderabad Chapter workshop Registrations are open with 50% discount!!

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LSM an intensive three-day workshop, teaches entrepreneurs and innovators how to build disruptive products. LeanStartupMachine Hyderabad Chapter workshop Registrations are open with 50% discount!!

downloadHow LSM Works?

The workshop kicks off with a series of product pitches that help attendees organize into teams. Everyone works on a NEW idea. Each team then develops its problem hypothesis, solution hypothesis and a series of assumptions which are core to the success of the business.

Next, each team creates an MVP, or “Minimum Viable Product.” The goal of the MVP test is to “Get Out Of the Building,” speak with real customers and to collect cash or non-cash currency which serves as validation.

The process promotes a problem-centric approach to business ideation. By continuously validating and invalidating assumptions, teams are forced to pivot their solution (and even problem) toward a true customer pain; rather than creating a solution and after-the-fact seeking customers with a problem.

The event culminates with each team pitching its new solutions and its experience using the process. In this competition the winning team is not selected based on who has the best idea, but instead on which team honors the process and gains the most insights through its pivots.

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NPC Hyderabad’s Panel Discussion on “Platform Paradigm for Startup Solution Development”

NPC Hyderabad – Panel discussion on “Platform Paradign for Startup Solution Development” was conducted by Anil Chalasani, Director-IT, OpenText, Chaitanya Chokkareddy, Principal Architect of Ozonetel, Ramesh Loganathan, MD and VP(products) of Progress Software and Raghu Bathina, Mentor and Investor.

Choosing the right platform for your Startup was keenly discussed by the panels over many aspects. Every industry is awaiting a paradigm shift in the coming years. There is a change fundamentally and so the companies should start building a 360-degree profile of the customer. Ramesh Loganathan stated that market validation is currently used to figure out the tools and technology that is required to send the product out to the customer.

“When a company offers a product, ensure that the service a delta level above the service that will be expected by you” says Chaitanya Chokkareddy. It is the organization which chooses if a mobility or a cloud infrastructure is used. When cloud infrastructure was discussed, major players like Amazon, SAP and vcloud were talked about.

The key components to be kept in mind while choosing a platform would be – Revenue, Cost, Product and development.
It is not just about choosing the right infrastructure for the company but it matters as it has impact on the products that has been used by the customers as well.

NPC Hyderabad- The Panel discussions start: “Brand or Product? Role of Product Management”

NPC commenced its first panel discussion by Sateesh Andra, Managing Partner in Ventureast, Gopi Balusu, CEO, Sankhya Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Jasminder Singh Gulati, CEO and Founder of NowFloats and Usha Kiran Gummuluri, Executive Manager of Intergraph India Pvt. Ltd. The panel discussion was on “Brand or Product? Role of Product Managers”

What was the discussion about?

Brand management has been playing a key role in a product’s lifecycle. The more innovative the product is, the tougher becomes the brand management. There is a problem of placing the product in the right category. There is even a chance that a whole new industry has to be spotted for the product.
Sateesh Andra says that the line between brand and product management has been constantly decreasing. Brand management and product management are no longer mutually exclusive. Product management strives to provide by seeing what the competition offers and what exactly the customer values. Then the target is to further disseminate this knowledge and provide the perfect product for the customer.

What does the product manager do?

A product manager is someone who shapes the product and resonates with the user experience. Jasminder Singh states that “A product manager is, generally, someone who has a technical background and is a “geek-at-heart””. MRD – Marketing Requirement Document has now become essential as brand and product management now go hand-in-hand.
The product manager also faces fundamental tensions as they tend to work closely with other teams. Product management is responsible for the inside intelligence of a company. They further prioritize what needs to be done. As challenging as it is to manage internal and external satisfaction for a particular product, the product manager still manages to maintain transparency such that stakeholders are satisfied with the knowledge available.

All the panelists seem to agree that brand and product management aren’t the same, yet they aren’t mutually exclusive either. Both needs to go hand-in-hand for an organization to excel in terms of management.

NPC Hyderabad – Jay Pullur, CEO of Pramati Technologies’ Keynote session: Indian Approach to Product Innovation – Missing the Magic Quadrant

The third keynote session was by Jay Pullur, CEO and Founder of Pramati Technologies, who talked about: Indian Approach to Product Innovation – Missing the Magic Quadrant
Pramati builds independent companies focused on profitable, well-defined markets with four steps:
1. Ideation
2. Startup
3. Launch
4. Growth
5. Exit

J Pullur at Nasscom Product Conclave
Jay Pullur kicks off by stating “It’s easier to learn from others experience than building your own”. He, then, continues talking about the sectors in the context of software products. While in India, it’s just Products and Services, globally it is categorized into software, internet and services.

So what are the challenges that comes into approaching the product innovation?

#Challenge 1 – Spotting Opportunities
Spotting opportunities has to align with core skills and branding of the product. In the product development phase of emerging, growth, maturity and decline, the talent is to launch the product in the right stage and extend the growth and emerging phase. Opportunity spotting also lie in having the right people work on your product. Pullur advises to hire T shaped people – with a Depth of expertise and Breadth of Knowledge.

#Challenge 2 – Finding these T shaped people
The art of finding these T shaped people is very tough in a service dominated landscape. Pullur says that the key areas of evaluation must be: Design, requirement, vision and understanding of an area.
Companies must employ:
A-type – All questions have an answer
O-type – Questions with many options

#Challenge 3 – Scaling without breaking
Scaling requires entrepreneurial people at many levels. The skills are of 360’ requirement. These people help in the shape shifting of the organization.

Pullur concluded telling that once these challenges are covered by an organization during product innovation, these the Indian approach will find its magic quadrant.

Also, check Pramati Technologies’ website and LinkedIn page to know more about them.

NPC Hyderabad – Anu Acharya,CEO of Mapmygenome, talks: Rise of Made in India Technology Product

NPC Hyderabad continued with the second keynote session by Anu Acharya, CEO of Maymygenome, who talked about “Rise of Made in India Technology Product”.

Mapmygenome is an Indian Genomics Company which offers low cost advance genetic testing in Hyderabad. They also provide best health checkup with affordable prices and accurate data.


Anu Acharya introduced the concept of “B” importance. She believes that there are four B’s that have to be followed:

Belief – Belief is a necessary trait when a product is developed. Belief, along with disruption, has been the pathway for many successful products that have been launched.

Build – Building a product is the timeframe when experience counts as well.

Brand – Branding a product has been very essential throughout. If a product isn’t recalled, then it isn’t successful. According to Anu Acharya’s survey, Zoho, enterprise banking and a few other consumer apps were the first Made in India Technology Products that were named by the public.

Buy – She states if people do not buy the product, then is no point in its existence.

She also gave a brief introduction about Maymygenome products and concluded stating that the current technology developers belong to the underground revolution of 1990 – 2010.

Don’t forget to check Mapmygenome’s Facebook, LinkedIn and CrunchBase pages.


Nasscom Product Conclave, Hyderabad starts with a keynote session by Dr. B V R Mohan Reddy CEO and founder of Infotech Enterprises

StartupHyderabad is currently at the Nasscom Product Conclave 2014, Hyderabad at The Trident, Hitech City. The agenda for the day is packed with industry experts sharing their insights on the Product and Tech Industry of India.
Dr. B V R Mohan Reddy, the first keynote speaker for the event, is the CEO and founder of Infotech Enterprises, a global engineering services company. For complete bio, click here.
Infotech Enterprises provides leading-edge engineering solutions, including product development and life-cycle support, process, network design and optimization, and data management solutions to major organizations worldwide.
The session commenced with him discussing about “Need of Product Companies in India’s Growth”. DR BVR Mohan Reddy started by stating that amongst a whopping amount of $1.2 trillion industry of Global Software Products Industry, India contributes around $2.2 billion. India has a potential to build $100 billion software product industry by 2025. So, does India actually hold the potential and opportunities that is capable of such a huge rise?
Dr Reddy believes that India has now made a transition to an experienced economy from a novice stage. Since the demand for products have increased in the economy now, there is a lot of disruption in the innovation. He says that this disruption is capable of going either way but that’s a leap that every organization must be ready to do. Software market disruption consists of:

  • Technology
  • Delivery Model
  • Revenue Model

Disruptions have made a major impact and so has the rise of digital marketing. Dr Reddy seems to agree with Ravi Gururaj when he told that he wished he could start his career now with all the better opportunities. A nexus of converging digital forces (i.e) social media, mobility, cloud and analytics is creating a hot bed of opportunities.

Challenges that India could face:

Though India has been growing steadily, several challenges have constrained the growth. Some of the main challenges have been:

  • Talent Starvation
  • Initial Investment/cash flows
  • Low presence in global packaged software markets

So what are the recommendations that will help India overcome these challenges?

The first step would be to leverage existing resources by using the rich leadership skills, capturing entrepreneurial aspirations and identifying research work. Dr Reddy has recommended that a diverse founding team of technical and business skills and an early funding support of atleast Rs.5 Lakhs by the Government will definitely help the challenges submerge.

Key Takeaways from the ‘Typography and Color in Current Design trends’ Meetup at PurpleTalk

The Design Meetup which focused on Typography and Rise of Color in current design trends took place at the PurpleTalk Hyderabad Office on Friday, 28 March. The event was well attended by designers and UI/UX professionals as well as design enthusiasts.

The event was initiated by Rohan Karthik, Designer at PurpleTalk, with a brief and interesting introduction on the 10 best current design trends which was followed by an interactive discussion with the audience. He provided insights on how to design for devices besides computers.

Design Meetup at PurpleTalk

Milka Dubba, Analyst at PurpleTalk continued the event with her presentation on Role of Color in Current Trends. As 62% of the product assessment is within the first 90 seconds she focused on how designers can effectively use colors to attract and engage users.

Design Meetup pic at Purpletalk

Rohan Karthik again took the stage to provide an in-depth presentation on Typography. He provided powerful reasons why typography plays an important role in design, primarily it being to guide the users eye. He displayed various font families and styles which can be used to attract and engage users.

After an insightful discussion and a Q&A session, the floor was opened for networking. The event was very informative and looking forward to the next meetup.

For more pictures of the event. click here

Typography and Color in Current Design Trends- March 28th, 2014

It’s certainly an interesting time for mobile app developers and designers in Hyderabad for the next few months with so many interesting events and conference going to take place.

The upcoming event is focused on Mobile Designers and UI/UX experts. PurpleTalk India has scheduled the Typography and Color in Current Design Trends meetup on the 28th of march at their Hyderabad Office. The focus of this session would be on the power of typography, the role of color schemes and discussions on the current design trends. The presentation would be given by Rohan Karthik and Milka Dubba respectively which will be then followed by Open House.

For more details of the event,

Agenda for the event :

04:00 pm to 04:10 pm – Welcome
04:10 pm to 04:40 pm – The power of Typography by Rohan Kartik
04:40 pm to 05:00 pm – Tea/Coffee and Snacks
05:00 pm to 05:20 pm – The rise of color and current trends by Milka Dubba
05:20 pm to 05.40 pm – Open House
05:40 pm to 05:45 pm – Closing Remarks

Please RSVP on the link provided :

Date : 28th March, 2014
Venue : PurpleTalk India Office

Blackberry App Dev Talk Event at IIIT Hyderabad

There is an exciting news for all Mobile app developers. BlackBerry is conducting the Blackberry App Dev Talk on the 29th of March at CIE, IIITH. The main focus of the event is on the open platform, Blackberry 10 and how app developers can use this for developing mobile applications.

The speaker for the session, Vasudeva Thumati, is a Solutions Consultant, working as part of the developer relations India team at Blackberry. He has vast experience in hardware, device drivers, middle ware and applications for mobile handsets. He was an entrepreneur having his own startup in the publishing space before joining the BlackBerry developer relations team in India.


Along with the introduction to the Blackberry developer platform, the 2 hour session by Thumati will also include talks on the various tools for developers and the app development ecosystem. Also app developers can learn to use QT/C/C++ to develop native apps, HTML5 and Android apps.

This is also a ideal opportunity to network with industry experts and professionals from the field.

To Register for the event, click here 

Date : March 29th, 2014 2PM to 4PM
Venue : CIE Events Room, IIIT-H