Frangout – an app that lets you plan our hangouts

Frangout helps you discover people and make plans for your next hangout

frangout-logoFrangout released first version of Android and iOS and already seeing good traction

Frangout is a brain child of Siddharth Ramesh, he mentioned idea born out of random thoughts while sitting at a cafe – where he was just thinking of having a way to meet like minded people over a coffee or a lunch.

Then he did some brainstorming on this thought with his friend Vamshi Vangapally, It evolved into an idea of planning a hangout – where you create one and like minded people around you can join the hangout.


They decided to build Frangout to create a platform to build to quickly find people and make new friends.

Using Frangout we can organize our regular tech-talks, birthday parties, weekend gatherings using Frangout – You can plan, invite, inform, chat, share memories and even split expenses through this.

Community Events (Ex: Raahgiri) can be created as public frangouts and events like b’day parties can be created as private frangouts.

Traction So far:

  • Frangout received $40K worth of credits in FBStart program
  • Frangout has been listed as one of the top apps in Ionic Showcase (Top 20 apps in 3.1million apps made using Ionic Framework)
  • Been a week and seeing installs from India, USA, Europe, New Zealand etc.,