It’s fun! It’s different! It’s creative and social! It’s …… SOCIAL SORCERY!

ss-logoSocial networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are now an integral part of our daily lives. Companies are no longer limited to traditional billboards, pamphlets and advertisements in the newspaper. With the ability to reach the target audiences and catch the attention of the youth, social networking sites have taken marketing to a whole new level! This is where organisations like Social Sorcery come into the picture.

Social Sorcery was started by Maryanne Fernandez and Yashovardhan Malpani. Two 18yr olds starting an online marketing agency?!?! The first question people usually make the mistake of asking is, “Why?” because the answer they always get from them is “Because we were bored and we wanted to use our creative abilities and our addiction for Facebook to do something bigger and better!”

Slightly vague? I don’t think so! Everyone knows marketing is an important aspect to every business and not every business can afford to pay for a billboard on the main road or a front-page advertisement on theSunday Times. It is agencies like Social Sorcery that these businesses employ to make sure the world knows they exist.

The acumen with which they work and the results they deliver is living proof that age is just a number. They make it impossible for potential clients to come close to even guessing how old they are. The quality of work they provide is a testament to their professionalism.

They have a colourful, intuitive website and a portfolio of their work provided to clients on request. If you or anyone you know needs a marketing agency Social Sorcery should be your first choice! To quote their words,

We bring your company to the world by making your marketing dream come true! With the most catchy phrases and coolest content – Social Sorcery is just for you!”

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