GES 2017 : Women First , Prosperity for All


The eighth Global Entrepreneurship Summit India 2017 to be jointly held by the government of
India and the United States of America. This will be the first time GES will be Held in any South
Asian Country, This time you will witness Hyderabad in full glory hosting the event from 28 th to
30 th November.


Under the overarching theme of ‘Women First, Prosperity for All’, this year’s summit will have
focus on women entrepreneurship and empowering young women entrepreneurs and the role
they play in making communities prosperous and secure through enterprises.
The summit will primarily focus on Energy & Infrastructure, Healthcare & Life Sciences,
Financial Technology & Digital Economy, and Media & Entertainment sectors.
With Participation from Global Leaders like Ivanka Trump, advisor to the US President and the
Opening Address by none other than the maker of “Make in India”, Sri Narendra Modi himself,
This summit is set to gain a large VVIP audience share including international entrepreneurs,
investors, educators, government officials and startup ecosystem supporters.  GES 2017 will
present a unique opportunity to connect and establish meaningful partnerships amongst
entrepreneurs, investors and ecosystem supporters.
The networking opportunities during the breakout sessions and masterclasses will be
enormous. There will be valuable inputs from panel of experienced investors about their
motivations for investing in the sector. What are the characteristics of an investable startup?
Given the long life cycles of healthcare advances, how long are investors in this field willing to
wait to see returns? In addition, there will be events from crowdfunding and Bootstrapping,
Sports Entrepreurship to Modernizing Mobility Infrastructure and the list goes on.
This is definitely 2017’s biggest event to look out for if you are an entrepreneur already or an
aspiring one and if the entrepreneurship bug has bitten you too hard!

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