HCCL helps cricketers in the city in its own way!

“Doing easily what others find it difficult is talent. Doing what is impossible with talent is Genius.”

Lives of people with talent involves two difficult stages, one being the discovery and the other being the nourishment of the talent. Cricket is a sport with a very big platform and this gave birth to Awin Entertainment’s & Lights and Rivers’ brain child, the Hyderabad Corporator’s Cricket League (HCCL). This is a first of its kind to involve politicians directly and entail their participation and encouragement in the sport.

Their dictum is to find a way and reach to those players who have been playing on their Local Grounds since a long time. They want the players to get above their level of playing and elevate their talent in the game too. This gives the players a prospect and helps them figure out their opportunities to lift their careers to bigger heights. HCCL is the only platform to incorporate 2250 players every season considering all the 150 Corporator’s involving themselves with a team of 15 players. They have proceeded to discuss the same with national level cricket and selection committee to look into the scope of the players and help them grow better and bigger. The league is starting on the 15th of November and finishing off with the finals on 22nd of December.
HCCL have already received a sum of Rs. 25,00,000 from T. Padma Rao Goud, the Sports Minister of Telangana and pur GHMC and Deputy Mayors.

They look forward to take this to National level by taking part in many international leagues happening around. Wishing this entire team all the luck to get this a big success.

All the players and sportsmen, buck up for the glorious event.

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