A heart-to-heart chat with BuySmaart’s Giri Devanathan


It is not often that you meet people who inspire you in your everyday life. And I had the good fortune to not just meet but have a tête-à-tête with Giri Devanathan, Founder and CEO of ENIXTA Innovations.

ENIXTA Innovations recently launched BuySmaart, a personalized product discovery platform that helps users buy smartphones that suit their requirement and pocket.

The product of Enixta Innovations, a Hyderabad-based Artificial Intelligence technology start-up, BuySmaart is a decision engine that helps users discover, compare, evaluate and buy better products. BuySmaart aims at becoming the decision engine of choice, for other e-commerce and physical stores alike, to enable ‘smaart’ buys. The company’s decision engine lets you compare over 5,000 phones with over 50,000 specifications with over a million user reviews.

Giri Devanathan, Founder and CEO of ENIXTA Innovations said, “This decision engine scraps the internet and makes sense of the vast amount of consumer experience with the products. If you see, the current commerce and other portals depend on direct pseudo metrics like user reviews, star ratings, etc. BuySmaart has a ‘Smaartpluse’, which analyzes the overall sentiment of the pseudo metrics as well and provide the output in an easily consumable fashion.”

Devanathan revealed that “soon, BuySmaart will allow buyers to compare and evaluate other items like laptops, TVs and home appliances”.