Hiring Generation Z

Just when you thought you have got the knack of understanding hiring millennials, a new generation has come into the picture – The Generation Z, who have distinct personality traits and preferences and far different from those of the millennials. Understanding them is important not only from a recruitment perspective but also when marketing your products to them. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while hiring Generation Z.


  1. Money isn’t the motivation

In a study conducted by a study by Millennial Branding and Randstad US, only 28% for Gen Z said that money would “motivate them to work harder and stay with their employer longer.”

So while employers may feel smug about the fat pay check they are offering, it really isn’t a big deal for this generation. So, while recruiting, focus on the growth opportunities, culture and another amazing thing your company has to offer.

2. Post across multiple platforms

Gen Z consumes most of them info on mobile phones. So make sure your job posting is not only optimised for mobile but tailored to suit the different platforms where it is posted.

3. Fun and flexible work spaces

They are always connected to the internet, whether at home or in a beach, so they are always available and are willing to work long hours and can work from anywhere, even after off hours.

4. Quick decisions and short on boarding process

The average attention span of this generation is about 8 seconds. Remember, they are the snap chat generation. Include technology in your hiring process, make quick decisions and timely offers.

Get them on board ASAP and make good use of technology by engaging digital forms wherever possible and self-learning training tutorials.

5. Tangible benefits that matter now

What does your company’s parental leave policy sound like? Do you offer assistance for education loan repayment? Benefits in short term matter a lot to these folks than the long term ones.

6. Giving back to the society

This generation is more socially aware and conscious of their actions. They want to make a difference to the world. While hiring them, make sure the positive impact your company is working to create is portrayed well.  While hiring Gen Z might bring a lot of positive value to the company and its growth, this generation is more bound to job hop. A poll by Adecco poll showed that only 27 % of those surveyed believed “they should stay in their first job for only a year or less”, while 83 per cent believed that three years or less was the appropriate amount of time to spend at their first employer.

The Gen Z are a very confident bunch. They are strongly opinionated and assertive when it comes to their goals and career and have all information available at their finger tips. This is the generation that doesn’t believe in University degrees. When hiring generation Z, a smart recruiter would look for professionals with potential rather than emphasizing on university degrees.