“Practice to work.
Work to play.
Play to win”

hcoThese statements are very important for anything we are working at including sports. Every person can be good at more than one thing. Working in corporate and also being good at a sport is a skill that has to be appreciated. To create such appreciation, Hyderabad-Corporate-Olympics is now up with the fifth edition.

They had come up with this idea in 2011 launching their first edition and it had a participation from 57 companies. The number increased to a whooping 116 companies in 2014, the fourth edition and included nearly 4300 participants. The fifth edition has grown to allow 130 companies to participate.

RosePetals is a hyderabad based sports management company with huge passion for sports. With this, they have come up and conducted many events since 2009. This helped them gain professional reputation among corporate sectors.

This Olympic style league will allow different people to come together and play as one. It allows team spirit and healthy competition to stay alive and prosperous among corporates. The sixth edition will have more than 5000 participants and the involvement of nearly 150 companies. This corporate olympics includes 18 sport disciplines making it the biggest sports event in hyderabad. Basketball, volleyball, throwball, badminton, tennis, carroms and many more are lined up.

Dates for the events are:

Women’s Cricket- November 30th

Table tennis, Chess, Carroms and Badminton –  December 3rd

Athletics – December 10th

Time: 9:00am.

For further details and registration, please browse through:

Buck up all the employees and executives to prove your capabilities in sports too!