Hyderabad Finance Start-Up Zaggle expands global footprint begins operations in Singapore

zaggleZaggle, a payments and group dining company, today announced their International business plans by launching their operations in Singapore. Currently, Zaggle owns 10 offices across India, with 2500+ corporate clients, 2.5 million Users, 6500+ merchant relationships, over 7.5 lakhs gift cards in the market, and over 2,50,000 downloads on the Zaggle App. The expansion is a step to offer Zaggle offerings in the global

markets and move into new geographies and to create captivating new offerings.

Zaggle aims to be a billion dollar company over the next 5 years. The company has been growing at 100% CAGR. Zaggle had recently launched its operations in USA and plans to open offices in UK and Dubai by next year.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Raj N Phani, Chairman& Founder, Zaggle said, “We are happy to expand our operations globally and we are extremely confident and excited about our future. We believe that we are well placed with an active team & a structured business strategy to achieve new vistas of growth. We have fantastic relationship with our partners and have been working hard to provide the best deals and coupons to the users. Our operations in Singapore are a step to strengthen our Global presence and offerings to our customers.”


About Zaggle:

Zaggle is a payments company which harnesses the power of groups to create value for corporate, consumers and merchants. Zaggle as a company focuses on connecting consumer and corporate spends to merchants through their proprietary tech platforms and its latest offering focused on Group Dining Deals.