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Insights of Ola acquiring Foodpanda to compete UBEREATS

 7 months ago    

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The competitor stories of taking over each other in the sprints and marathons are now happening in live startup ecosystems.With almost 123 acquisitions took place this year in Indian startup scene, this particular deal is some sort of interest because two big giants of online cab aggregates are fighting to conquer the high demand food venturing space.

The competitive advantage is just limited to UBEREATS after its launch since may and is seeing a tremendous growth in the market.Mastering the navigation part, Uber has all sorts of logistic clearance to serve the customers from the restaurants. Withe UBERMOTO any two-wheeler guy can now register to deliver the food services.The machine learning technologies getting the brand to the next level enabling the customers to sort of orders based on previous orders and personal diet choices and not just that the Restaurant Mangement Tool is way too helpful in providing the data analytics of customer choices to the restaurants. So this seems to be more than what anyone could imagine the advantage forecast for this San-Francisco based cab aggregator.

On the other hand, Ola which is on the other side of the coin seems to play safe because of its past experiences of shutting down Ola’s cafe. But situations turned in favor to get into the food market again and now its no more a choice for Ola but its a highly recommended if it has to secure its place competition with Uber. So finally Ola announced to take on FoodPanda which has its own customer base competing with swiggy and zomato at a slower pace. So this acquisition seems to be a win-win for both the partners!!

So this acquisition has just powered the whole ecosystem as startups started to collaborate to get the competitive advantage over their rivals to secure their positions. Let us see, maybe few more interesting things are just awaiting to be confirmed by the partners to compete both Uber and Ola.



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